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141 million U.S. residents impacted by electricity capacity constraints in 2022

In 2022, supply capacity constraints, rising costs, and severe weather events increasingly put the energy grid at risk. In 2023, local solar and storage offer a solution.

Tracking clean energy initiatives under the Inflation Reduction Act

A new website called clarifies how the Inflation Reduction Act is taking shape and being implemented across more than a dozen federal agencies.

Potential savings from new electric transmission reached decade peak in 2022

High electricity prices and severe weather helped drive record transmission values across many regions in 2022 offering potential savings, said Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.


Nearly 40% of the U.S. could qualify for the energy community tax credits

LandGate’s PowerData tool maps out the substantial opportunities for solar development possible under the Inflation Reduction Act’s tax credit for energy communities.

Do large-scale photovoltaic projects impact nearby home sales prices?

Berkeley Lab examines potential negative impacts of large-scale PV projects on nearby home sale prices across six states.


Solar on U.S. houses of worship triples relative market share of other non-residential buildings

Houses of Worship represent only 0.6% of all non-residential buildings, but account for nearly 2% of solar installations on such buildings. These locations offer a unique opportunity to promote solar and a blueprint for equitable solar deployment in communities across the country.

Lessons learned from state community solar program caps

pv magazine USA reviews the variety of approaches states are taking to community solar program caps to suit their individual market and goals.

Municipal franchise agreements could drive up to 911 TWh of renewable energy

Electric franchise agreements between municipalities and utilities offer a direct pathway for cities to achieve their clean energy and decarbonization goals across 30 states, according to NREL.

The outstanding success of solar on new homes in California

Even before the new home solar mandate, California had achieved groundbreaking levels of solar adoption, largely due to policy and incentives, said report by Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.

Annual investment in low-carbon energy transition exceeds $1 trillion

Defying supply chain disruptions, and macroeconomic crises, global investment in low-carbon energy transition jumped 31% in 2022, drawing level with fossil fuels.

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