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SMUD proposal would cut net metering credits, impose interconnection fees

The utility board also will vote on whether to end seasonal and time-based net metering credits in favor of a flat rate, while also prohibiting certain residential types from participating in virtual net energy metering.


New Jersey regulators adopt new net metering incentives

The Successor Solar Incentive Program emerged from a mandate to replace the state’s existing solar program with incentives that encourage solar development while minimizing ratepayer cost.

Georgia is approaching its net metering cap

Regulators are set to discuss the cap, though it is unclear whether that means to raise it, or implement a successor program.

Florida town decides to gut net metering

The city of Green Cove Springs, Florida, has passed an ordinance to halve its net metering credit, a move that renewable advocates are concerned will spread to other towns.


South Carolina regulators approve net metering rules for residential solar

Regulators approved a multi-party stipulation that caps solar applications through the end of 2021 at 1.2 MW for Duke Energy Carolinas and 300 kW for Duke Energy Progress each month.


Solar 101: The basics of net metering for your solar project

The concept of net metering is important to understand as it affects how long your solar project takes to pay for itself, and how your contractor will design your project. Here’s what you need to know.

Role of distributed solar at issue in California’s net metering update

Industry groups focus on solar-plus-storage, or preserving the distributed solar industry, while a state agency aims to compensate rooftop solar at avoided costs and add a grid service charge.


South Carolina regulators save net metering, reject Dominion’s proposal

Regulators agreed to keep net metering in place while transitioning to Dominion Energy’s existing time-of-use rate schedule for new solar customers.

Indiana regulators slash a net metering rate, advise solar owners to buy a battery

One installer said the ruling would extend payback periods to as long as 25 years and effectively dry up new business in southwest Indiana.


Arkansas legislators consider bill to slash solar net metering value

House Bill 1787 would change the state’s net metering so that solar customers would lose roughly two-thirds of their current benefit.

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