Who wants to manually design a solar system when you can create one at the push of a button? Introducing the Solar Kit Guide 2.0


MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., April 17, 2018 — Leading solar equipment distributor RENVU announced the launch of the Solar Kit Guide 2.0, a cutting edge solar design tool. The best part? It’s free to use and has been utilized by consumers and solar professionals alike. First launched in 2015, the Solar Kit Guide provided a way for anyone to rapidly generate full solar quotes, without having to wait for a sales engineer to calculate one out. Just a few clicks were needed to have the design tool create a solar system, and export a full list of equipment with the total cost. The original Solar Kit Guide paved the way for solar professionals to compare brands and products, understand the cost of each solution, and generate a full bill of materials needed for their design.


Director of Business Development Merav Dolev stated, “We learned a lot from customers after generating thousands of designs and quotes through the old tool. We developed a significantly more accurate, powerful and complete tool that takes any user at any level of expertise through a quick design process, from the panel to the bolt. Using our SKG 2.0 saves hours of putting together a bill of materials for a solar project. This is also a great tool to learn about popular devices on the market, compare prices on high-quality equipment, and make the smartest decision on which products to install for each project.”


The new Solar Kit Guide 2.0 incorporates what customers loved about the original version, and makes putting together a full solar system even easier. The 2.0 version allows for multiple arrays, provides price comparison at every step rather than waiting until the end, and supports a wider selection of products. For example, a larger variety of racking types are now incorporated, such as railless solutions. After going through the Solar Kit Guide 2.0, the design tool outputs a system summary, provides a price per Watt for the entire system, and generates a system layout drawing for reference.


Solar professionals no longer need to jump between multiple configurators (Unirac/Ironridge for racking, SolarEdge/SMA/Enphase for inverters etc.) to get the full BOM for their solar project. The Solar Kit Guide is especially helpful for manufacturers that do not have their own configurator (SUNMODO, Darfon, NEP, etc). With the Solar Kit Guide 2.0, any customer can quickly generate a full solar project that contains a full bill of materials, individual product documentation, project management, and permit process tracking.


About RENVU:

RENVU’s mission is to deliver solar products at the best prices with an exceptional level of knowledge and support. RENVU does this by reducing soft solar costs via smart distribution and automated processes. Through RENVU’s Solar Kit Guide 2.0, consumers and solar professionals have access to a one-of-a-kind solar system design tool that allows for instant comparison between brands, products, solutions, and pricing. Visit www.renvu.com for more information.