Utah-based Go Solar Group to Expand Solar Plus Services in Reno Market


Salt Lake City-based solar provider, Go Solar Group, has announced its expansion to Reno’s residential solar market.

Still ingrained in the philanthropic vision upon which the company was founded, Go Solar Group is driven to show Reno residents the city’s tremendous solar energy potential by providing solar battery backup, securing protection from natural disasters, and, above all, fixing Reno Residents’ high cost of power.

“Ranking first in the nation with over 300 days of sunshine each year, many of those days being over 100 degrees, makes for tremendous potential savings on Reno residents’ energy bills. Reno residents can save over 95% on their power bills over the span of two decades,” notes Go Solar Group CEO Scott Cramer.

“This is because solar panels can produce a much higher than average percentage of any given residence’s power in Reno,” Cramer adds.

Additionally, Reno’s 30% residential tax credit for solar, AB405’s reinstituting of fair net metering rates, and a convalescent relationship between rooftop solar providers and NV Energy have made the stars ( sun included) align for Go Solar Group in the city of Reno.

As Reno’s power scarcity surges and electricity rates rise, residential solar becomes a more attractive price point than ever for for the average Reno citizen. Cramer believes Go Solar’s entrance to the Reno market will also create the competition necessary to make Reno a buyer’s market for residential solar products.

“We want what’s best for Reno residents,” Cramer adds. “Despite the need Go Solar sees for greater service in the residential solar market, we commend the city’s commercial and public building’s adoption of solar solutions. We are excited to become part of the newfound solar movement in Reno.”