Solar powers business: the companies behind the Midwest’s largest rooftop solar installation


Solar installations in Illinois create jobs and business growth for local construction companies, equipment suppliers, logistics providers and others involved in the solar energy supply chain. Each new solar project means new business for the wide range of industries involved in building solar in Illinois.

A perfect example is Magid Glove and Safety, a family-owned manufacturer based in Romeoville, Illinois, that has been in business for over 70 years. When Magid decided to install the Midwest’s largest rooftop solar installation, companies across the state got to work making it happen:

  • Continental Electric Construction Company (CECCo) of Oak Brook, Illinois, designed and managed the project and installed the solar system — around 20 union electricians working for CECCo put in over 18,000 hours of work to complete the project.
  • Van Meter Inc. in Chicago, Illinois, provided 20,000 feet of pipe, 18,000 feet of wire and over 2,000 fittings — roughly 15 of the company’s employees worked on the project.
  • Custom Electric of Glendale Heights, Illinois, provided GE switch panels and other electrical equipment.
  • Imperial Crane of Bridgeview, Illinois, provided a union-operated 90-ton crane on the job site for roughly three weeks to place solar materials on the roof.
  • Ecolibrium Solar of Athens, Ohio, manufactured and delivered the solar panel mounting system. Seven of the company’s employees were involved in the project.
  • Elston Materials of Chicago, Illinois, provided thousands of bricks used to install the solar panel mounts.

Solar powers business, not just for companies in the solar industry, but for suppliers across the state as well.

New solar development creates continued job growth for supply chain companies while creating low-cost, clean energy for businesses and homeowners across the state.