“Professional Edition” Energy Meter Bolsters eGauge Product Line


eGauge Systems LLC, a company specializing in metering hardware and software, announced they have released the next generation of eGauge energy meters. The eGauge Pro stands at the forefront of metering technology with the ability to measure DC and AC power simultaneously. Other new features include 30 current transformer inputs, 0-277Vac and +/-60Vdc measurement ports, LCD interface, and two USB inputs. These improvements were designed to increase usability without an increase in the total system cost. The eGauge Pro has embedded Ethernet and Power Line Communication, and is USB WiFi and cellular enabled for Internet connectivity. The meter holds a UL stamp of approval for safety and adheres to ANSI C12.20 for high-accuracy revenue grade measurements.

The new generation of eGauge hardware complements off-grid renewable energy, electric vehicle, photovoltaic strings, and other DC power applications by consolidating AC and DC measurements into one system. Company President, David Mosberger, explains that “The philosophy behind eGauge has always been to provide a complementary meter for homes and businesses that wish to better understand and improve their energy profile. We considered the growth of battery storage and electric vehicle markets, anticipated further advances to similar technologies, and designed the eGauge Pro to easily communicate the impact of these new technologies.” In addition, the eGauge Pro integrates with existing eGauge management and M&V tools such as eGuard, a free enterprise software monitoring platform. The software integrations and hardware advancements position the eGauge Pro as an industry-leading meter in the renewable energy marketplace.

Get a complete list of eGauge Pro specs, features, and cost on our website: eGauge.net