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Energy yield comparison: TOPCon vs. HJT vs. IBC

A third party experimental study on the yield of three major solar types.

Mallory Lindgren’s leadership gains promotion to senior vice president at Westwood

Mallory Lindgren, a 15-year Westwood professional, has been promoted from Vice President of Renewables to Senior Vice President of Market Development. Lindgren will lead company-wide growth and new market development through an expansion of Westwood’s presence in rapidly evolving industries like energy storage, EVs, green hydrogen, and data centers.

RES commits to aid in building back the American workforce

Ambassadors will serve as champions in promoting, expanding, and diversifying Registered Apprenticeships and strengthening the nation’s workforce.

Effectiveness of force and power limiting technologies of the collaborative robots and their global demand

Industrial robots are always at the stage of advancement and evolvement. Their range has gone from rigid and repetitive machines to highly intelligent & flexible, along with the ability to automate just about any kind of manufacturing task. One of the most prominent and biggest advancements of industrial robots was the development of the highly advanced cobot. The global collaborative robots market size summed up to around USD 701.56 Million in 2021 and is predicted to reach USD 2506.90 Million by 2030, accompanied by a CAGR of 15.2% over the estimated time duration of 2021-2030.

SMA America Previews the Future of Customized Energy Management at RE+

Solar and Storage Leader Highlights Energy Systems to Optimize Residential, Commercial and Utility

Worksport Launches All-New E-Commerce Online Platform

Through the newly launched e-Commerce platform, the Company will begin selling the SC3, SC3 Pro and SC4 proprietary, patented truck bed tonneau covers for light trucks.

A New Generation with Incoming QuickBOLT President, Jared Wiener

His focus as President is to build upon the foundation the company has created over the past 35 years while guiding the company toward the future.

Ohio-Based Solution to Help AEP Avoid Forced Power Outages

250,000 AEP Ohio customers did not need to lose their power due to forced outages on June 14 -16th. There is an alternative, one that can quickly and efficiently shed load with minimal to no impact on customers: Armada Power.

We take control of approximately 17% of residential load with our patented water heater control technology. We are able to shed and manage that load around grid constraints, shortening or completely eliminating the need for rolling blackouts. All while maintaining customer comfort so that end users won’t be able to detect that an event has occurred.

Standard Solar and Anne Arundel County Partner on Solar Projects, County Marks Significant Step Toward Reaching Aggressive Clean and Renewable Energy Goals

Standard Solar and Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works in Maryland have begun work to develop a solar project providing clean energy to Bureau of Utility Operations facilities. The systems will be located in Millersville and consist of a combination of four carports and seven rooftop solar arrays, totaling 1.3 megawatts (MW).

RES Completes Construction of First DC/DC Retrofit Battery Energy Storage System in Virginia

The 12MW/48MWh project consists of three independent systems located at one site – an AC-coupled Battery Energy Storage System and two DC-coupled Battery Energy Storage Systems retrofitted to an existing solar PV facility – the first project of its kind in Virginia.

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