Mission Solar and TriSMART Solar announce strategic partnership to provide Texans Solar Power utilizing Texas made solar panels


Mission Solar Energy and TriSMART Solar on Monday announced a strategic partnership that will make Solar Power for Texas homeowners readily available with the use of Solar Panels made in Texas. The two Texas based leading companies are teaming up to integrate their services for collaboration in providing Solar Panels made in Texas for Texas homeowners.

Mission Solar Energy is headquartered in San Antonio, TX with module manufacturing facilities onsite. The Mission Solar hardworking team calls Texas their home and is devoted to producing high quality solar products and services. Mission Solar modules are proudly designed, engineered and assembled in the USA.

The partnership will streamline the process for consumers looking for sustainable, energy-efficient homebuilding and remodeling. “Mission Solar Energy is Texas-based and Texas-proud so we are especially excited about this new partnership with TriSMART,” said Sam Martens, Commercial Operations Director. “Together we will be able to help more families save money and go green while giving Texas a boost in becoming a top manufacturing and energy state.”

Jon Morris, Co-Owner of TriSMART Solar said, “We are very excited here at TriSMART Solar to have begun a partnership with Mission Solar! Their panels are of great quality and aesthetics. As a Texas based company, it has always been our goal to be the best solar provider in the state. What better way to get there, then with a PV manufacturer that is also Texas based! We are big fans of supporting both the US economy, as well as that of Texas and we feel this is a huge step to support both!”

TriSMART Solar holds their corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas and installs Solar Power in every major city in Texas. With the growing demand for Solar Power in Texas. Homeowners are looking for a solution that doesn’t utilize imported Solar Panels. With this new partnership, TriSMART will provide Texas homeowners with Texas made Solar Panels.

Mark Bench, Co-Owner of TriSMART Solar said, “We have the vision of being the #1 company that Texans think of whenever they are considering the use of solar power. People go solar for many reasons. Some of the compelling reasons are; saving money, reducing the carbon footprint, controlling costs, and now we have just added another great reason for Texans to consider solar. Nothing pleases us more than to be using a solar panel that is M.A.D.E right here in Texas. We have chosen to use Mission Solar manufacturing out of San Antonio because they make a great product, that looks fantastic, and contains high quality materials that our Texas families will appreciate for years to come. We anticipate our preference in using Mission Solar panels will contribute to consistent employment opportunities to their workforce located in the city of San Antonio. We look forward to a collaborative effort with Mission Solar to continue putting the best solar products on as many homes as possible all over state of Texas.”

This partnership will enable Texans the ability to use a local Solar Power provider utilizing locally manufactured Solar Panels. With the tremendous growth of TriSMART, this partnership will provide steady job growth at both companies.

Mission Solar Energy is headquartered in San Antonio, TX with module facilities onsite. Our hardworking team calls Texas its home and is devoted to producing high-quality solar products and services. Our solar modules are proudly designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA. For more information about Mission Solar Energy, please visit http://www.missionsolar.com.

TriSMART Solar is headquartered in Houston, TX with Solar Power offices in every major city throughout Texas. We’re dedicated to educating homeowners on the benefits of Solar Power. Our commitment to high quality service and installation is contributing to our tremendous growth throughout Texas. For more information on TriSMART Solar, please visit, https://www.trismartsolar.com.