Growatt Attains UL 1741 SB Certification and Joins New York’s Certified Solar Inverter List


Growatt proudly announces its UL 1741 SB certification and inclusion in New York’s certified solar inverter list. Compliant with the New York Standard Interconnection Requirements (SIR), the cutting-edge residential grid-tied MIN 3000-11400TL-XH-US inverter is equipped with battery-ready functions and advanced grid support features.

The UL 1741 SB certification underscores Growatt’s unwavering commitment to safety, quality, and innovation. These inverters empower users with energy storage flexibility and seamless grid integration, enhancing energy independence and grid stability.


“Growatt’s UL 1741 SB certified inverters mark a new era in solar technology,” said Frank Qiao, Vice President at Growatt. “Our solutions enable homeowners and businesses to harness solar power effectively, shaping a greener future and improving home energy resilience.”

With inclusion in New York’s certified solar inverter list, Growatt solidifies its position as a leader in intelligent energy management. As Growatt expands its footprint and the United States support team, it remains dedicated to innovation and customer satisfaction.

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