Go Green with DAS Solar N-Type Module – Now Accessible in Georgia


DAS Solar N-type bifacial double glass module is highly recommended by customers for their exceptional performance, with a maximum efficiency of up to 22.8%, ensuring a robust and stable power output. The bifacial rate reaches as high as 80%, providing an additional power output 30% higher than that of conventional modules. Additionally, the modules exhibit exceptional low-light performance, with higher power output than conventional modules in weak light conditions such as haze and overcast weather. N-type bifacial double glass modules are reliable and have passed the IEC new standard test three times, coming with a 15-year material warranty and a 30-year power warranty. N-type bifacial double glass modules are widely applicable, suitable for various environments such as BIPV, vertical installation, snow-covered areas, high-humidity, and strong wind and sand zones. Notably, DAS Solar products are now approved to use in any project supported by European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), since Innovation Energy LLC completed the process of there inclusion in the EBRD Green Technology Selector.

China and Georgia have built relations for over 30 years. According to data from the Georgian National Statistics Office, China has become Georgia’s third-largest trading partner in January and February 2023. While actively implementing its global strategy, DAS Solar has used RMB settlement as an international trade method. This is the first time that DAS Solar has used RMB for order settlement, which will help further promote and enhance the internationalization of RMB.