Bloomberg/Pope Release New Book as Trump Cancels Climate Meetings


Given the news out of Washington, D.C., and the rate at which the earth’s temperature is rising, it’s easy for people to become despondent about climate change. But Michael Bloomberg and Carl Pope are optimistic. They believe that we are now in a better position to stop climate change than ever before. In the years ahead, cities, businesses, and communities—not Washington or other national governments—can lead and win the battle against global warming.

As Climate of Hope shows, Michael Bloomberg has a unique understanding of the importance of this collaborative approach. Michael’s leadership and optimism remind us that by working together, we can develop breakthrough innovations to reduce the nation’s largest city, and Pope, the former executive director of the Sierra Club, approach climate change from different perspectives yet arrive at similar conclusions. Together, they create a new type of conversation about climate change—one that moves the issue from partisanship to empowerment; from top-down to bottom-up; and from fear to hope.

“Cooler heads can produce a cooler world,” write Bloomberg and Pope, who lower the temperature of the debate by showing that the changing climate is a series of discrete, manageable problems each with a solution that can make our society healthier and stronger. National governments, they argue, are not the best places to create these solutions. Rather, it is the mayors, CEOs, entrepreneurs, activists, concerned citizens, and other local actors who truly have the power to win the battle against climate change in ways that will also generate economic growth and improve public health—and many, in fact, are already making substantial progress. Readers will discover how mayors in cities around the U.S., in red and blue states, are leading this work, and the crucial roles that business leaders and citizens are playing. And readers will come away with a clear sense of what they can do, in their own hometowns, to contribute to the progress.

Writing in alternating chapters from their own experiences, sharing illustrative moments from their distinguished careers in public service and activism, Michael Bloomberg and Carl Pope provide a practical road map for tackling the most complicated challenge the world has ever faced. Rather than using the apocalyptic alarmism that often characterizes discussion of this issue, CLIMATE OF HOPE inspires action by offering practical solutions and showing how they can produce immediate and concrete benefits.