EmPower Solar opens new office in New York


New York Solar installer, EmPower Solar, officially opened an office in Queens after 15 years with a primary headquarters on Long Island. The Queenslocation serves as a response to increased demand for solar in New York City, local recruitment needs and a business development campaign throughout the borough. EmPower plans to add 20 new employees to the Queens location over the next 12 months.

EmPower Solar recently installed its 2,000th solar installation, with about 15 percent of projects located in New York City. The company expects that number to increase substantially as a response to improving financial return from tax incentives, high electricity rates, consumer interest in battery back-up systems and heightened public health concerns for air quality.

“Solar and batteries in Queens are going to transform the community,” said David G. Schieren, Chief Executive Officer of EmPower Solar. “The incentives are among the best in the country, electricity costs are high, local officials support the industry, and the community has the collective desire to improve air quality for better public health. As a Queens resident myself, I’m proud that New York City recognizes that now is a special moment in time to accelerate solar energy in our region.”

Solar delivers substantial value and savings for homeowners and businesses throughout New York City. Both the solar lease and solar loan provide significant immediate savings, with an additional property tax credit available upon installation.

EmPower Solar offers community solar installations and subscriber management services. This service allows building owners to receive payments for hosting solar power systems at their properties. The solar energy generated is sold to residential customers located anywhere within that utility provider’s territory, allowing apartment dwellers and renters access to the benefits of solar energy, without any necessity for roof space or ownership.

In 2018, a new set of extended tax credits and increased rebates for New York City electricity consumers helped to spur solar demand in the region. Due to limited roof space in the city, carport and roof-top canopy projects are eligible for a bonus incentive from New York State Energy Research and Development Authority to make up for additional costs of construction. The 20 percent NYC property tax abatement scheduled to expire at the end of this year has been extended through 2021, and now backup battery systems qualify for a 10 percent credit.

In addition to home solar panel systems, the company also plans to bring its expertise in commercial solar systems, community solar systems, electric vehicle charging stations and backup power systems with them to Queens. EmPower Solar is a SunPower Master Dealer and a Tesla Powerwall Authorized Installer.