DEPCOM’s 3R Business Expands, Helping to Restore Power Fast After Natural Disasters


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Nov. 8, 2021 — DEPCOM Power, a leader in engineering, procurement, construction and operations maintenance of utility solar power plants, announces notable advancements in its specialized restoration and repowering services. With experience designing, building, and operating 1.5 GWs of utility-scale plants and restoring hundreds of megawatts of damaged assets, DEPCOM is continuing to grow its 3R business in response to customer needs.

“We have grown our team to meet asset owners’ demands for disaster recovery and plant repowering work,” said Executive Vice President of Plant Operations John Schroeder. “We are excited to welcome Ananda Hartzell as VP of business development, who brings deep technical expertise in plant recovery and system repowering to help our customers limit the revenue impact of natural disasters and address ongoing equipment reliability issues.”

DEPCOM integrates its expertise in damage assessment, salvage, insurance claim management, and rapid restoration to minimize losses for owners and operators. Its equipment experts bring specialized know-how to repair or replace unreliable and hard-to-

source modules and inverters, resolving poor performance in ongoing operations. Together, DEPCOM’s restoration and repowering strategies navigate difficult market conditions and complex insurance requirements.

DEPCOM streamlines complex insurance and supply constraints

“Our customers are often taken by surprise by the delays brought on by today’s supply chain crisis,” says Jessica Super, VP of business development. “With standard one-year business interruption insurance terms, six-month lead times on some equipment, and lengthy vendor contract negotiations, many insurance periods expire by the time asset owners are ready to begin work. We expedite the process and guide insurance documentation to get repairs fully covered in time.”

Through fires and floods, DEPCOM delivers savings

In two recent cases, DEPCOM’s equipment salvage and restoration efforts saved $6.5 million for the owner of a 92-MW flooded plant in the Southeast. And at a 20-MW site burned in a wildfire, DEPCOM’s close collaboration with the insurer resulted in optimal coverage, saving the owner $2.6 million in production losses.

“As asset owners evaluate their end of year budgets and plant performance, DEPCOM offers a plant optimization assessment. For an often small investment in a few equipment and system upgrades, DEPCOM’s recertification and repowering teams can help generate new revenue for utility solar plants with enhanced energy output. Now is an optimal time to begin considering these areas as we gear up for 2022,” said Super.

For more information on DEPCOM’s restoration and repowering work, download these two case studies. Visit for more about our EPC and O&M capabilities.

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