A Woman-Owned Solar Site Waste Cleanup & Landfill Diversion Company Launches


Marietta, Georgia – Green Clean Solar, LLC launches in Q1 of 2022 setting its sights on revolutionizing how waste is handled on large-scale solar sites. Founder, CEO, and solar leader Emilie Oxel O’Leary is turning solar waste pain points into one turnkey solution that prioritizes recycling, refurbishing, reusing, and waste diversion efforts. It’s not just solar panels that will require appropriate and streamlined recycling and refurbishing; it’s the entire project that requires better waste management efforts.

Why solar trash pick up and landfill diversion services

The U.S. solar market continues to set growth records with 19.2 GW installed in 2020. Only 10% of solar panels get recycled in the U.S., which does not account for packaging materials like cardboard, wood crates, shrink wrap, and so much more. “Green Clean Solar is ready to support a growing solar market. We’re on a journey to bring solar waste diversion solutions to the forefront, support solar Developers/Owners, EPCs, General Contractors and their customers to protect the environment, and provide options for greener, cleaner solar sites,” said O’Leary.

In addition to cleaning up solar site waste, Green Clean Solar runs a people-first style of leadership. Partnering with A.R. Content Marketing House, an education-based, women of a color-owned firm, to deliver education on the topic of solar waste diversion. “We’re honored to drive the mission of waste diversion with Green Clean Solar by educating on solutions. By 2030, 95% of the new total investment in global electricity capacity will be renewable energy, and we believe part of that investment should include waste diversion. Our team is thrilled to deliver the education and information content necessary to support a growing solar industry with better waste practices,” said Christina Anderson-Rivas, Co-Founder of A.R. Content Marketing House.

About Green Clean Solar

Green Clean Solar is the #1 solar trash pick-up company that provides solutions for all the trash accumulated during the construction phase of building commercial solar sites throughout the United States. Green Clean Solar works with local partners using the latest recycling technology while empowering a diverse workforce. Founded by a team with over a decade of solar experience, Green Clean Solar has three goals:

  1. To increase a stellar, diverse workforce in the solar industry.
  2. To provide innovative solutions to divert solar waste.
  3. To grow the solar industry with greener, cleaner solar sites.

For more information, visit: https://www.greenclean-solar.com/ or email easyclean@greenclean-solar.com and support the Green Clean Solar revolution on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.