A Tahoe-Reno industrial center owner plans to supply 700MW of PV off grid solar to its occupants


Solar Farms llc., Owned by One of Majority Owners of the Tahoe-Reno
Industrial Center is developing and seeking buyers, developers, partners, investors, suppliers for the LARGEST SOLAR FARM in the US, 1750 acres, 700MW Off Grid.
1. Our objective is to auction off the solar power to our Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center (TRI) occupants and NV Energy, enabling them to buy Green Solar energy, avoid the large NV Energy transmission, distribution, solar and demand fees, thus quadrupling profits compared to most solar farms as the largest known off grid solar project.
2. The TRI Center, www.tahoereno.com is the largest industrial park in the world at 167 sq. miles and is a very high-tech center, including the Tesla Giga Factory with the largest proposed building in the western hemisphere, Google Data, Switch Data and Blockchain, with nearly 130 occupants.
3. NV Energy’s markets solar at $.15/KW-hr. and $9.62/KW demand (rate of use) rates and we project production at $.02/KW-hr.
4. Estimated generation capacity at 2.5 acres/MW is 700 MW and 1,400,000 MW-hr./year. At $1.1M/MW est. build out cost, it is a $770M project, $91M/yr. revenue at $.065/KW-hr.
5. This 1750 relatively flat to rolling, dedicated acres in the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center and uniquely neighbors the Switch Data “Citadel Campus the World’s Largest Data Center”, Google’s 1210-acre data center and Tesla’s Giga Factory for a secure, valuable, dependable off grid DC connection. All are Mega Users pledged to 100% green energy.

6. Currently park occupants are charged $.15/KW-hr., or 7.5 times projected solar generating costs or $.04/KW-hr. extra over standard rates, for www.nvenergy.com/publish/content/dam/nvenergy/brochures_arch/about-nvenergy/rates-regulatory/spp_nv_commrates.pdf NV Energy Rates:
With fees of $.00365/KW-hr. Standard $/KW-hr. Green $/KW-hr. Demand $/KW
Summer peak          $.110 $.151 $9.62
Summer mid peak $.074 $.116 $4.39
Summer off peak   $.049 $.090
Winter peak            $.054 $.095 $1.24
Winter mid peak   $.048 $.089 $1.23
Winter off peak     $.044 $.085

7. The park residents’ average cost for non-green power during solar power times, adjusted and averaged for solar hours, winter and summer peak and mid-peak rates and periods, we estimate costs on average are $.0653/KW-hr. for what we will replace with solar power. Our solar power at $.065/KW-hr. projects profits at $1,857M or 281% of the $770M unleveraged buildout cost for build and flip. (Excel to follow signed NDA).
8. The Switch “Citadel Campus, World’s Largest Data Center”, has 1.3M sq. ft. of data center in TRI, consuming 130 MW and is expanding to 17,400,000 sq. ft. or 13.4 times its current size and alone will require much more than our 700 MW. www.switch.com/locations/#locations. 100MW is required for 1M sq. ft of data center. We see Switch and Google as the major competing bidders.
9. Due to the proximity and demand from multiple adjacent data centers that have huge battery backups and Tesla’s need to charge up their manufactured batteries, we intend to also offer medium DC voltages, for large reduced costs for the buyer and seller. With Reno’s cool nights these data centers consume most of their power during solar hours.
10. We can offer a 25-year land lease to the solar farm operators or a profit participation agreement. We will consider all proposals. TRI Center has no state or local government development fees or exactions.
11. TRI with its stellar reputation and political influence, offers a unique fast track for all permits. We project special use permits in 60 days, grading permits in 7 days, building permits in 30 days. Less solar resources we project the site could be permitted, graded, and ready within 180 days.
12. The project likely qualifies for accelerated federal tax rebate of 30% or $198M.

13. Solar power produces the most during peak high rate hours of the day and year making it much more valuable than wind or other energy sources. TRI has some of the highest solar potential in North America due to its dry sunny days at 1900KWh/sq. m per year https://globalsolaratlas.info/downloads/world compared to India’s 1500 at the equator to 1700 KWh/sq. m per yr. Also, Reno has dry summers without monsoons, generating more summer peak power that is worth almost twice winter power, thus we will generate much more value than central Mexico or India.
14. TRI is the Mecca for huge Data Centers for many reasons: http://www.tahoereno.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/DataCenter_LowRes.pdf
15. There is abundant water available and Nevada has ZERO state income, corporate, franchise, inventory, unitary, personal, inheritance or estate taxes with below national average rates for wages, housing and cost of living. This land is owned free and clear.
16. US data centers consume 73M-MW-hrs. per year or 2% of all electrical power in the US. At $.06/KW-hr. that is $4,4 billion/yr. Google consumed at a rate of 3,200 MW in 2016 and it is rising very rapidly at 12-fold in 4 years.
17. Walmart has committed to 50% green energy globally by 2025. They have a neighboring 890,000 sq. ft. of grocery and perishables distribution center with large refrigeration. https://news.walmart.com/2018/10/23/walmart-sunpower-announce-23-megawatt-solar-agreement That is 20 acres under roof.
18. We see a very strong market demand for the sale of finished solar farms to utilities, Green Energy, insurance and retirement funds that require 4% fixed annualized returns. This projects huge profits for a build and flip at over $1,857M on a $770M project at $.065/KW-hr. or $548M profits at $.045/MW-hr. with little investment. (Excel sheet to follow signed NDA). I also see financing from Green Energy funds at 4%.

For more information please state your background and intent in a reply to:
Donald Kleine/don.kleine.vortex@gmail.com
Information herein are preliminary estimates only, with no guarantee of performance.