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Sunlight trims interest rates for residential solar loans

The race to the bottom for interest rates has been a trend in recent years, and Sunlight is the latest to join the party.


Sunrise brief: Bill would expand ITC to include integrated solar roofs

Also on the rise: A report names groups that are anti-solar and reveals their strategies, Illinois limits HOA power over rooftop solar, and SunPower added 13,000 customers in Q2 as it looks for big growth to close the second half.

Sunrise brief: An energy tax credit that wins the support of the fossil fuel industry and environmentalists?

Also on the rise: A startup invents a breakthrough battery electrolyte, renewables generated a record amount of electricity in 2020, a 250 MW solar project is proposed in Wyoming, and more.

Sunrise brief: Longroad brings 200 MW of solar online for Microsoft

Also on the rise: A 500 MW pumped storage project gets seed money from California, supply chain issues are pushing up prices and delaying projects, and Pine Gate Renewables completes a 108 MW project in North Carolina.

Sunrise brief: Duke Energy wins approval for new solar capacity

Also on the rise: Black Hills Energy wants to charge solar owners for the “true cost” of their energy, and an online solar 101 course from SUNY tops 50,000 students worldwide.


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