pv magazine Future PV Roundtable @ SPI 2018



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What: Future PV Roundtable at Solar Power International 2018

When: September 26, 2018 from 10 AM to 12 PM

Where: Solar Power International, Hilton Anaheim, attached to the Convention Center, room Palos Verdes A&B


The Future PV Roundtable is an interactive event organized by pv magazine and our partners where we explore the latest technology developments in solar. This year we will have two panel discussions featuring experts from manufacturers and testing organizations  as well as researchers and analysts, who will look at both cell and module-level trends as well as grid-level issues.

Panel 1: Emerging directions in cell and module designs 

Our first panel will explore the progress of cell and module technologies that are on the cusp of commercialization. We will focus on the comparative development of bifacial modules, half-cut cells, copper wire interconnection and string ribbon technology.





Tristan Erion-Lorico
Head of PV Module Business, Laboratory Services





Dr. Hongbin
Fang Director of Product Marketing
LONGi Solar




Dr. Ilka Luck
Global Head, New Product Development & Technology




Christian Prischmann
Director of Technology
Ulbrich Solar Technologies



Panel 2: Grid integration of high levels of renewable energy

This second panel will look at the challenges and opportunities in deploying very high levels of solar on electricity grids, with and without energy storage. This will include discussions of the latest research from both industry and academia on how to integrate higher levels of solar while keeping costs low for consumers, and cover both theoretical issues and real-world problems in specific grids.


Dr. Marc Perez, Senior Researcher (Clean Power Research)



Michael O’Boyle
Electricity Policy Manager
(Energy Innovation)



Dr. Mahesh Morjaria (First Solar)


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