Future PV Roundtable at SPI 2017

2017 SPI Future PV Roundtable

On the back of the hugely successful Future PV Roundtable hosted during Intersolar Europe in Munich, the Future PV Roundtable will debut in the U.S. at the Solar Power International exhibition later this year.

What: Our Future Roundtable at Solar Power International
When: September 12, 2017, 12 pm to 2:00 pm
Where: Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Room Reef E

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Technological innovation drives progress. But knowing precisely which innovative steps to take to deliver credible cost savings can be difficult. At the next Future PV Roundtable event, solar industry experts ranging from EPCs, cell and module manufacturers, and component suppliers will present their snappy elevator pitches about the technologies they think will accelerate solar’s march towards reducing levelized cost of electricity (LCOE). In what will be a lively and interactive discussion, these same participants will defend their arguments against the queries and musings from assembled experts and attendees on the floor.

This is your chance to back the technology that you find most convincing!

The Future PV Roundtable helps you decide which technology pathway will help move your business forward. Following each discussion, attendees can vote on whether they agree with presenters’ solution for reducing solar’s LCOE.

Topics up for discussion at this forthcoming Future PV Roundtable include: What developments can we expect withthin film? How do advancements in crystalline silicon technology, including PERC and bifacial cells and modules, impact performance? Does it help to finance a solar plant combining it with electrolysers for hydrogen production? And finally, what can an EPC contribute to optimize BOS component and installation costs?

Listen to what the experts have to say on these issues, and pose questions of your own to high-level panel participants from the following companies:

Hanwha Q CELLS
First Solar

(more TBC)

We look forward to hearing your views.
If you have any questions or comments, just enter them in the comments field when you register. We look forward to your participation.

Agenda (can still change prior to the event):

11:45 Entry and registration
12:00 Start of the event with welcoming speeches from Christian Roselund and Andreas Liebheit

Session 1: Cell level and module level
12:10 Introductory talk from NREL. Paul Stradins will examine the cell and module technologies currently on the cusp of market introduction
12:20 Discussion
12:25 Pitch 1: Heraeus
12:35 Discussion and voting
12:39 Pitch 2: SunPower will pitch on the cost savings available with their new p line modules
12:44 Discussion and voting
12:48 Pitch 3: GCL will talk about the combination of PERC with black silicon
12:53 Discussion and voting
12:57 Pitch 4: Hanwha Q-CELLS with the thesis “Steel frame PV modules with advanced cell technologies enable the reduction of ~20% in the installation and material costs of PV plants, as well as > 15% in the manufacturing carbon footprint of PV modules. It also has significant impacts on logistics, staff training and O&M cost structures.”
13:02 Discussion and voting
13:06 Panel discussion

Session 2: Applications
13:18 Pitch 1: tbd
13:23 Discussion and voting
13:27 Pitch 2: Drakerenergy with the thesis “By integrating monitoring and analytics with SCADA and power plant controllers, it is possible to reduce downtime and LCOE, and additionally to increase earnings with the solar energy produced
13:32 Discussion and voting
13:36 Pitch 3: Nel Hydrogen with the thesis “Large scale production of hydrogen from PV power plants is already feasible and profitable today, and will help finance PV plants in the near future”
13:41 Discussion and voting
13:45 Pitch 4: First Solar with the thesis “Is it possible to achieve solar penetrations higher than 50%
13:50 Discussion and voting
13:54 Panel discussion
14:00 END

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