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The Downstream Channel

Total corporate funding into the solar sector rose 24% in 2020

Despite a slow start and a downturn in venture capital and private equity funding, total funding saw a significant rise, including the largest amount of projects acquired in a single year to date and the largest amount of securitization financing ever in a year.

Engineering, procurement and construction agreements for utility-scale battery projects

In the second installment of our series addressing best practices, challenges and opportunities in utility-scale battery energy storage systems deployment, we examine engineering, procurement and construction agreements for battery projects.

Keeping net energy metering credits ‘clean’ in California means adding relays and meters

It’s during the interconnection review and approval processes that most developers run into the NEM integrity issue with California’s big utilities.


How software services can ease downturn effects on community solar

Successful community solar development requires harmonizing construction, financing, and subscriber acquisition and management. Digital management platforms can give developers the tools to precisely manage these aspects and get the most out of their projects.

The best way to RFP a solar project: don’t

Your company has decided that it’s time to go solar. A solar RFP might seem like the most logical way to go, but there are drawbacks that can lead to slower kick-off, lower quality work and financial underperformance. Here are some questions you should ask yourself to avoid these pitfalls.


Keeping solar project development on-track amid Covid-19

At the onset of Covid-19, the executive leadership team at Rosendin developed a plan of action to tackle the changing business atmosphere. By committing to that plan, the company has been able to adapt to the ‘new norm’ and keep projects on track.

Let the solar games begin — more innovation on the Intersolar show floor

Plenty of innovative hardware at the show that isn’t a module, battery or racking — as well as services and the Solar Games.


Innovative solar modules on the show floor at Intersolar San Diego

In sunny San Diego for Intersolar 2020, we’re seeing a new idea on tracking rooftop solar modules, diodes moving to the cell level, two types of building integrated solar products, and some solar hot water.


This one weird trick gets 4 percent more from solar panels

MoreSun, after an investment from Energy Innovation Capital, will begin full-scale commercial deployment. The solar module film projects a 3.4 to 4.7 percent increase in electricity production on utility scale solar projects after application.


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