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How solar emergency microgrids provide resilience to vulnerable communities

In this op-ed for pv magazine, Clean Coalition’s Dr. Frank Wasko explores how microgrid projects by Solar Saves Lives and other organizations show that communities can build back right and prepare for natural disasters.

National bill could stop this tariff nonsense now

In this op-ed for pv magazine, Tony Clifford of Standard Solar addresses the significance of new legislation that would undo the 30% tariff on imported solar imposed under the Section 201 process.

FirstEnergy’s 202(c) request is a bigger deal than you think

In this op-ed, Environmental Defense Fund’s Dick Munson explains how FirstEnergy’s federal bailout request poses a serious threat to competitive, clean energy, and why FirstEnergy’s attempts to block the sun and stop the wind present an existential threat.

DOE lashes out at 1366 Technologies

1366 Technologies, “recipient” of an undisbursed $150 million manufacturing loan guarantee, has received an aggressively-worded letter from the U.S. Department of Energy as it seeks a Section 201 exemption.


Are corporates ready to invest in solar? Rethinking the value proposition

In this op-ed for pv magazine, Mike Mendelsohn and John Harper look at issues with the supply of tax equity financing for solar deployment.


When the global Energy Transition gets local

In this op-ed for pv magazine, Dr. Wes Herche of Arizona State University brings insights from a recent conference on the Energy Transition in Arizona.

Does an aggressive Renewable Portfolio Standard increase utility rates?

In this op-ed ASU energy security researcher Dr. Wesley Herche demonstrates that for all the talk of renewable energy raising customer rates, there is no correlation between utility rates and ambitious state-level renewable energy mandates.

Indiana lawmaker with history of receiving gifts from utilities, sponsoring utility-friendly legislation, now to join commission that regulates them

In this op-ed Matt Kasper of Energy and Policy Institute explores the cozy relationship that new IURC member Dave Ober (R) has had with utilities.

The age of advanced data analytics is (almost) here

In this report from the Solar Asset Management North America 2018 conference, Kiterocket’s Tom Cheyney finds that whether it’s managing large solar portfolios or nascent energy storage assets, repowering older solar installations or buttoning up residential O&M, the smart use of data is key.

#Solar100’s Katherine Hamilton: The Steve Kerr of Renewable Energy

In this interview Richard Matsui, founder of kWh Analytics, speaks with Katherine Hamilton, Co-founder and Chair of 38 North Solutions.

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