Solar sandbagged in draft TVA resource plan

By using high projected costs for solar, low costs for natural gas, and capping solar installations at 500 MW per year, the Tennessee Valley Authority “did not optimize for what is best for Tennessee Valley residents,” says a citizens group.


PV additions fall well below potential globally

Last year’s 1% growth in global PV additions is a sharp drop from increases in prior years, and a long way from the 15-29% annual increases that a Science journal article maintained were “challenging but feasible” through 2030. Continued progress on five major challenges can get us back on track.


Navajo Nation bill would replace 2.25 GW of coal with renewables

The bill would create a task force to recommend replacement revenue sources by June 7. Transmission lines serving the Arizona coal plant could support gigawatts of solar or solar-plus-storage.


Clean energy groups bring models to a modeling fight

Clean energy groups have begun challenging the results of utility planning models by running their own models, which show that adding more solar will lower customer bills. Two groups in North Carolina are among the pioneers in this work, opening a new front in the contest over solar deployment.


Young engineers powering the renewables transition

Enthusiasm for solar, wind, and storage is common among electrical engineering students, according to two industry experts, while “advanced” utilities look to hire graduates to integrate renewables and storage.


Corporate buyers of solar electricity face price risk

Corporations that lock in a fixed purchase price for solar power, offset by sale of the power at varying wholesale rates, could face “significant financial downside,” says an advisory group, as more solar on the grid could drive down wholesale prices.


Ten sunniest states added 1.8 GW of small-scale solar

Contractors in California, Arizona and Texas built almost 90% of this capacity. Policy groups in the 10 states aim for fair rates for solar customers, plus community solar. “Snapshot stories” included.


Midwestern and Northern Tier contractors put up 250 MW of small-scale solar

Contractors in Indiana, Washington, Illinois and Iowa put up half of that total, while groups work to expand opportunities state by state. “Snapshot stories” included.


North Carolina groups call for end to utility monopoly, 100% renewable energy

Their petition calls on elected officials to transition the state to 100% renewables; end Duke Energy’s monopoly on generation; refuse to accept campaign contributions from the utility; and appoint citizen-oriented utility commissioners.


Solar, wind and storage can provide seven key grid services

Solar, wind and storage can provide 7 essential grid services, which will help enable them to gain an ever-increasing share of electricity generation.


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