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Verde Technologies advances solar perovskite thin film roll-to-roll coating

A spinoff of the University of Vermont, specializing in single junction and all thin-film tandem perovskite solar technologies, demonstrated that its coating processes are transferable to existing commercial roll-to-roll manufacturing lines.

Fraunhofer ISE, Oxford PV produce 25%-efficient perovskite-silicon tandem PV module

Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (Fraunhofer ISE) announced today that it had produced at 421 W perovskite-silicon tandem glass-glass module measures 1.68 m2.

Canadian startup offers 35%-efficient indoor perovskite PV modules

Canada’s Solaires Enterprises says its indoor perovskite modules are suitable for powering a range of electronic devices, such as wireless keyboards, smart door locks, electronic shelf labels, and sensors.


Germany’s Nexwafe mulling U.S. wafer factory

German wafer manufacturer Nexwafe says it has set up a subsidiary in the United States to evaluate the potential to produce wafers in the country.

Startup developing perovskite-silicon tandem panels with 26% efficiency

Tandem PV has secured capital to advance its four-terminal perovskite-silicon tandem module technology and move closer to first manufacturing. The company claims its products maintain 80% of the initial performance after 25 years.

Carbon electrode perovskite solar cells on track to commercialization

Carbon electrode back-contacts for perovskite solar cells promise simpler, less energy-intense manufacturing, but low power conversion efficiency has held back adoption. However, this may change now, as researchers are overcoming the barriers to commercialization.

New study finds growing inequality in metal footprints of renewable power value chains

A U.S.-Chinese research team has investigated the flow of iron, copper, aluminum, and other precious metals from source to end-use destination in the renewable energy infrastructure value chain. It found significant imbalances that can be attributed to the continuous outsourcing of metal demand for the renewable power sector to developing economies.

Maxeon’s PV module capacity hits 2.5 GW in Mexico

Maxeon Solar Technologies says it has invested $70 million to upgrade its panel factory in Mexicali, Mexico, to 1.8 GW. The remaining capacity is provided by a 700 MW facility that the Singapore-based manufacturer operates in Ensenada.

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