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Voltaic Systems unveils battery monitoring system for offgrid PV applications

The U.S.-based PV system provider for infrastructure and industrial equipment without grid access has launched a battery health monitoring software module for its flagship Core Solar Power Systems product line.

Sinovoltaics releases inverter manufacturer financial stability ranking

Sinovoltaics analyzed publicly traded inverter producers using a balance sheet-based model and publicly available financial information to track financial strength over the past three years. The top-five in the latest ranking are Hoymiles Power Electronics, Enphase, Kstar, Eaton, and Goodwe.

New vapor deposition tech could accelerate commercialization of perovskite solar cells

A U.S.-based team developed a vapor deposition technique to fabricate outperforming all-inorganic perovskite thin films in under 5 minutes in a continuous process. The adoption of the proposed approach may also result in higher perovskite solar cell power conversion efficiencies.

Origami Solar readies production of steel solar module frames

The U.S. based developer of steel PV module frames said its products are an alternative to conventional aluminum frames. They passed several third party tests as the company readies production and evaluations by module manufacturers.

Vehicle-integrated photovoltaics making the moves from niche to mainstream

A new report from the International Energy Agency’s Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme (IEA-PVPS) looks at success factors required to take vehicle integrated photovoltaics (VIPV) from niche to mainstream based on a survey of 110 experts in the topic of transport and PV.

Report tracks emerging PV manufacturing hubs in Europe, North America

Sinovoltaics is studying the changes in the supply chains in manufacturing hubs in Europe and North America to determine site capacity, current and planned, for dozens of manufacturers. The results are being published in free reports.

Vehicle-integrated photovoltaics for electric ground transport

Canadian custom module manufacturer Capsolar developed a vehicle integrated PV system (VIPV) for an electric material towing application, reportedly enabling 30% to 40% range increase per battery charge.

Decarbonized aviation attracts venture capital

Since 2016, some $2.4 billion worth of venture capital flowed to companies developing electric aviation and other air travel decarbonization technologies with a strong start in investment volume in 2024, according to, a Dutch data and intelligence firm.

Solar simulator for perovskite-silicon tandem PV cells, modules

A new measurment and solar simulator instrument designed for perovskite-silicon tandem cells and encapsulated mini-modules is the latest product from a collaboration between Canadian solar simulator supplier G2V Optics and U.S.-based measurement instrumentation company Sinton Instruments.

Off-grid solar kit for EV pickup trucks

Worksport announced a solar kit for pickup trucks that can be used a portable power source for leisure activities or as a temporary backup to recharge electronics or small appliances during power outages.

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