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As the climate warms, electricity demand shows a regional shift

EIA data show home energy use patterns are shifting due to climate change, as milder winters and more extreme summer heat drive demand.


Startup Sunday: Blu Ox backs software scale up by Extensible Energy

Also starting up: Space Force awards $50k to flesh out an idea for a solar-thermal spacecraft, and Lightyear finds a manufacturer for its solar EV.

Solar power from space by 2030? Advocacy group shows how

In Beyond Earth’s vision, space solar power systems would include photovoltaics and concentrators, along with wireless power transmission systems, including microwave and laser power transmission.

Hyundai and UL ally to give EV batteries a second life

The two agreed to advance safe deployment and use of second-life battery energy storage systems.

Kansas City pilots streetlight-mounted EV chargers

The program aims to address equity and accessibility for EV charging, which can be a challenge for apartment-dwellers.

Sunlight trims interest rates for residential solar loans

The race to the bottom for interest rates has been a trend in recent years, and Sunlight is the latest to join the party.


U.S. to net-zero carbon by 2050 will be a steep climb

Under one scenario, Worley and Princeton estimated that the U.S. would need to build 800 MW of solar every week for the next 30 years to achieve carbon neutrality.


New York adds $52.5 million in community solar incentives for low-income residents

The program includes low-to-moderate-income subscribers, affordable housing providers, and organizations working with disadvantaged communities.

Invenergy boosts battery energy storage component in Wisconsin solar project

The Paris Solar Energy Center was approved by regulators, but the developer is now asking to increase the storage total to 110 MW.

Crystal arrangement results in 1,000x more power from ferroelectric solar cells

Researchers discovered a ferroelectric crystal lattice that increases a solar cell’s photovoltaic effect by a factor of 1,000.


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