Boulder solar incentives to be available Spring 2018

The City of Boulder, Colorado will offer solar grants and rebates around March, 2018 for nonprofits and homeowners.

IEA explores paths to PV and wind integration

The International Energy Agency has released a manual for policy makers on the issues involved in the large scale integration of solar and wind power into power grids.

Concerns raised over details of Illinois renewables plan

The Illinois Power Agency Plan containing the community and low and moderate income solar programs had a number of objections filed in December after its submission to the Illinois Commerce Commission.

Arizona rural electric coop continues its PV incentive programs

Mohave Electric Cooperative of Arizona will continue its PV rebate program for residential and small commercial members as well as an exported PV tariff, adding to their portfolio of utility scale plus public and nonprofit sector installations.

Xcel Energy to launch PV incentive program in Minnesota

Xcel Energy’s Solar*Rewards program will be available for small PV systems in Minnesota beginning in 2018, offering incentives for a ten year period.

EIA: U.S. solar output increases 47% in 2017

The latest monthly report from the Department of Energy’s Energy Information Agency shows that PV output in the first nine months of 2017 grew 47% over the same period in 2016, with market growth across the nation. PV represented 1.9% of total generation during this period.

Amended Illinois renewable energy plan headed to regulators

The Illinois Power Agency has updated its Long-Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan and filed it with the Illinois Commerce Commission for spring 2018 approval.

National laboratories issue study on growing flexibility and variability of power generators

Lawrence Berkeley and Argonne National Laboratories examine the growth of solar, wind and natural gas power plant operations on wholesale power markets and the impact on nuclear and coal generators.

Market report discusses microgrids past, present and future

A GTM Research report examines the state of existing and future microgrids, including market and geographic segments and the inclusion of PV and other clean energy technologies.

Big Blue to install big solar in Boulder

IBM has announced plans to install the largest PV system in Boulder, Colorado, which will also be the largest system on IBM property, as the city continues to move toward municipalizing its electricity system.

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