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How New York State can stay on track with green-grid goals 

The Office of the New York State Comptroller suggests streamlining three parallel processes to ensure a carbon-free grid by 2040.  

Scientists explore aquatic effects of floating solar

A group of researchers at Cornell University are exploring ways of preserving land for agriculture and wildlife by placing floating solar panels on lakes, rivers and reservoirs. 

Audubon calls for collaboration in rapid transmission line expansion

Conservation researchers released a report outlining how key stakeholders can collaborate to build a transmission grid that benefits wildlife and humans while still meeting clean energy goals.

One research team’s approach to scaling a domestic circular lithium-ion battery economy

National Renewable Energy Laboratory researchers continue their quest to accommodate growing electric vehicle and infrastructure demands.

Scaling clean energy by and for Black farmers in Florida

In one Florida town, NREL researchers worked with local stakeholders and community members to develop a guide for installing solar panels on churches and other commercial-scale buildings across the state. 

NY State provides additional $29 million for EV infrastructure and rebates

As New York State passes the 150,000 passenger electric vehicle (EV) milestone, NY State Gov. Kathy Hochul announces an additional $29 million to fund EV infrastructure and rebates.

Lincoln Park’s first community solar program

Low-income and minority communities are often most affected by extreme and damaging weather storms, as well as to indoor air pollution and higher energy costs. However, one community in Minnesota is actively working to change that.


The last net-metered project in Indiana

A 1.3 MW, behind-the-meter solar project had to meet a six-month deadline in order for the project to be exempt from Indiana’s 2017 law that revoked net-metering.

U.S. clean hydrogen roadmap needs work, say analysts

Wood Mackenzie principal analyst, Hector Arreola, suggest The Biden-Harris Administration address cost and scaling roadblocks to meet the U.S. National Clean Hydrogen Strategy and Roadmap’s ambitious goals.

NREL study builds framework to accommodate EV-charging infrastructure

A multi-state electric vehicle charging network meant to cater to the more than 42 million EVs projected to hit the road by 2030. 

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