SunPower’s slow climb towards the black

The high efficiency solar maker pulled off a rare profit during the second quarter due to selling off leases, but expects to report another loss during Q3.


Batteries to sell into ISO-NE wholesale market, Chattanooga’s 100% solar-powered airport: pvMB 07/31/19

Hello and welcome to today’s pvMB. Sunrun is bringing its solar + storage solution to Dallas and Houston, Elon Musk hopes that Solar Roof production will hit 1K per week, 63% of poll respondents think the Green New Deal is a “good idea”, and more!


California could restrict who can install energy storage

CALSSA says that a pending vote by the Contractors State License Board which could restrict most solar contractors from installing batteries could have “catastrophic” impacts on the state’s energy storage market.


APS announces wind, solar RFP amid pressure for 100% clean energy

The Arizona utility has announced two solicitations that will increase its renewable energy portfolio to 2.5 GW by 2021, as a coalition of more than two dozen groups submits a proposal for a shift to 100% clean energy.


National Grid says “no thanks” to results of 400 MW RFP, selects one project

The utility has chosen to disregard the goals of the State of Rhode Island and only procure electricity from one of the projects that completed a recent solicitation.


Sunnova nets $158 million in IPO

The fourth-largest third-party solar company is now a public entity and while the results of its offering are only half of what it predicted, the stock bounced back on Friday.

Bigger, younger coal plants are retiring

An analysis of coal plant retirements from the U.S. Department of Energy shows that more than 100 GW of coal-fired power plants have already retired this decade, as solar, wind and gas eat coal’s lunch.


5-year ITC extension introduced in U.S. House, Senate

The twin bills would extend the 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for another five years, with an identical step-down schedule.


Solar + batteries help the grid recover in Kaua’i

After experiencing cascading outages across its conventional fleet and cloudy weather impairing its solar output, the island is back on-line and solar and batteries are helping to meet demand while its largest power plant is being repaired.


Tesla results: solar down, batteries up

Elon Musk’s EV and energy company is becoming increasingly irrelevant in the rooftop solar market, but battery sales are booming.


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