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Canadian farm lobby presents renewable energy proposal

Rural land for renewable generation should be considered as a last resort, developers should restore environments post-project, and hosting “site objections” should be considered, the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) says in its submission regarding proposed renewable energy legal changes in the Canadian state of Ontario.

‘Not a very special year’: Canada solar expert mulls 2022 slump

Last year Canada switched on its largest utility-scale PV array, the 465 MWac Travers Solar Project, which buoyed solar figures to 4.4 GW, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). But a PV expert warns a six-month pause on renewable energy projects in Alberta this year could slow the whole country’s momentum.

BP to take full control of Lightsource BP

Energy giant BP announced today it would take full ownership of solar and wind energy developer Lightsource BP once a deal – pertaining to the purchase of the remaining renewables company’s shares BP does not own – goes through next year.

U.S. utility’s sagging electricity line sparked 2022 wildfire, media reports

A sagging electricity line managed by major Californian utility Southern California Edison (SCE) is alleged to have caused a 2022 wildfire which led to two deaths, local media reports. An SCE spokesperson tells pv magazine the company cooperated with Californian authorities during its review of the blaze.

Caribbean could become offshore floating solar PV giant, researcher says

Land is scarce but water is abundant for the Caribbean’s 700 islands. Solar economy professor Christian Breyer tells pv magazine that the region’s archipelagic makeup is not a drawback but a benefit for renewable energy generation.

Solar PV LCOE expected to slide to $0.021/kWh by 2050, DNV says

By mid-century the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) for solar PV will be $0.021/kWh, a new report by risk management company DNV predicts. The learning rate for solar is predicted to decrease from 26% to 17% by 2050.

Maxeon Solar Technologies to slash 15% of global workforce

Solar panel producer Maxeon Solar Technologies will lay off 750 employees by the end of the year as the company reels from reduced shipments from its largest distributed generation (DG) customer in North America and an ‘industry-wide demand slowdown’ in global DG markets.

Around 40% of the workforce in global PV industry is female

According to recently published employment report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the global solar industry employed around 5 million people at the end of last year.

P-type solar products may be phased out by 2026 as n-type tech ‘rapidly’ expands

The rise of cost-effective TOPCon cell technology last year led to a ‘surge’ in production demand for solar n-type cell technology, with leading industry analysts TrendForce prophesying PERC cell capacities ‘may’ be phased out in two to three years.

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