6th Quality Roundtable at SPI 2017

Our Quality Roundtable during SPI in Las Vegas

2017 SPI 6th Quality Roundtable

What: Our 6th Quality Roundtable at Solar Power International
When: September 12, 2017, 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Where: Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Room Reef E

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The 6th Quality Roundtable at Solar Power International will consist of two parts. The first will be a 60-minute session in which we discuss a number of anonymized cases of defective quality and operational problems at solar plants, which we are currently soliciting.

Such cases can include (a) module-related issues; (b) issues related to other components of the PV system, including (for example) faulty connectors or inverter issues; (c) post-commissioning O&M issues.

This will be followed by a 15-minute break.

The last 45 minutes will feature a discussion of concrete steps that the solar industry can take to improve quality and reliability. This will be a discussion with a panel of experts and the panel will take questions from the moderator and more importantly the audience. The focus will be along the value chain, from cell and module testing and quality all the way through O&M.

If you have cases of defective quality and/or operational problems at solar plants that you would like us to consider for the Forum, please email Christian Roselund, Americas Editor, at roselund@pv-magazine.com

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7th Quality Roundtable will be held at REI (Greater Noida, Delhi), check out our Global website for more info!


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Become a sponsor of the pv magazine quality roundtable – the premium platform for field/real case learnings and networking with key players and experts. For more information please find our flyer below.



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Further Roundtable material:
-> Interview with George Touloupas, Director of Technology and Quality at CEA
Minor differences in yield percentage make the difference between good and bad investment

We are interested in your own experience

Black sheepPlease send us your descriptions of cases where modules malfunctioned or when panel manufacturers, EPCs or O&M providers provided poor service. Please send us your black sheep cases to roselund( at )pv-magazine.com. We are looking for positive cases, where the above-mentioned suppliers corrected their mistakes to your satisfaction, as well as negative cases, where the responsible parties let you stand in the rain. We will handle your descriptions with strict confidentiality. We will contact you and ask for your agreement before we research, try to find solutions with the parties involved, or publish.

Why the term “black sheep”? pv magazine does not want to finger point on companies, therefore cases are presented only on an anonymized basis. We also believe, that most quality problems concern the whole value chain and therefore require discussion with all parties. “Black sheep” are those who don’t take their responsibility seriously. The discussion and voting at the pv magazine roundtables have shown, that mostly there are no completely black or completely white sheep, but that there are structural problems which lead to situations in which responsibilities are not entirely clear.

How valuable these cases are for the discussion can be gleaned in our reports of cases we have already researched, e.g. about hotspots, problems with cabling and PID.

Click here to read about the low quality cases we reported on in Europe.


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