VSUN supplies modules to utility projects in the US


With the rapid growth of new installed capacity year by year, the US market is one of the most active solar markets in the world, and also the strategic market for VSUN.

The growth of new installed capacity in the US in recent years shows that the tax relief policy has encouraged solar industry growth. In the future, the US photovoltaic market will gradually move from policy-driven to market-driven economies. The demand for public utilities, industry, and commerce has largely increased.

Although 2020 is a challenging year, VSUN has still made great achievements in the U.S. market with sales volume significantly increased. Photovoltaic modules with high-efficiency and reliability were shipped from its Vietnam production base to public utility projects in Texas, North Carolina and other regions of the United States. The project size of many of them exceeds 100MW.

The projects mainly utilized VSUN mono/poly modules and bifacial double glass modules. VSUN solar modules proven bankability made it more convenient for large-scale solar plants to carry out their financing. Technically, the bifacial module series adopts a symmetrical structure of double-sided glass, which not only enhanced the mechanical strength against cell cracks, but also environmental friendly, easier to recycle in the future. The Bifacial series show strong resistance to UV light, sand, dust, salt and mist corrosion, and has avoided module attenuation or failure caused by its aging. With strong anti-PID performance, the power output warranty is extended to 30 years. With bifacial stability and impressive backside power output, VSUN’s bifacial double glass modules help investors to minimize cost and bring a higher ROI by lowering project BOS and LCOE. Thus making bifacial double glass modules one of the best choices for investors in utility projects.

VSUN’s manufacturing base is equipped with automatic production line and sufficient capacity, VSUN ensures the reliability, safety and quality of products. In the changing market, VSUN continuously implements technological innovation and process improvement to ensure high quality and high reliability, improves the global supply chain system, enhances customer experience and satisfaction to products and services, and build a professional sales and marketing team to develop global market. VSUN has made the strategy of deploying manufacturing bases in Asia, Africa and South America.

“Looking into the future, PV manufacturing will be VSUN’s core business. We will implement innovation, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in mapping out our global manufacturing strategy. The plan to list in the US is to support our global expansion and create value for our customers.”