Two New Rooftop Community Solar Projects Bring Cheaper Energy to Underserved New Yorkers


UGE, a New York City-based developer and owner of community solar and energy storage projects, has energized two new rooftop community solar projects in metro New York City.  

Together the two projects total 833 kilowatts, producing enough energy to power over 200 homes. Every year they’ll offset more than 1,000 metric tons (2.4 million pounds) of CO2 emissions, the equivalent generated by burning more than 120,000 gallons of gasoline.  

Half of the energy generated by the projects is reserved for Low- to Moderate-Income New Yorkers. These households and businesses will save upwards of 10% on their electricity costs as subscribers to the projects. As electricity rates continue to rise across the country, these savings become increasingly meaningful for Americans looking for ways to save money in today’s inflationary environment.     

“As a team based in New York City, it’s always extra rewarding for us to build projects that provide energy savings and cleaner electricity to our fellow New Yorkers,” said Nick Blitterswyk, Founder and CEO of UGE. “We’re looking forward to bringing several other community solar projects in greater New York City online this year.”  

The remaining energy generated by the projects will be used by T-Mobile, supporting the wireless provider’s commitment to power its business using 100% renewable energy. UGE has an ongoing partnership with T-Mobile which was announced in November 2021.  

One of the projects is located atop a self-storage facility in Peekskill and is UGE’s second project in the Westchester County town. The other is sited on a warehouse in Queens near John F. Kennedy International Airport.  

With the completion of these two new projects, UGE now owns and operates 11 solar projects totaling 5.6 megawatts. UGE has an additional 9 projects totaling 17.7 megawatts under construction, and another 310.7 megawatts of projects in development being prepared to be built. 

About UGE 

UGE develops, owns, and operates community and commercial solar & battery storage projects. Our distributed energy solutions provide cheaper, cleaner energy to businesses and households throughout the United States. With over 500 megawatts of project experience, we’re working daily to make renewable energy accessible and affordable for all.