The Top European solar PV O&M companies ranking 2021


In an ever-growing market, Solar O&M operations continue to expand year by year, in coherence with the general demand for solar energy, as in 2020 the growth of newly installed solar power increased by 11% (18.2 GW).

Operations and Maintenance operations are of significant importance within the market as they assure the functionality and efficiency of the solar plants, as well as scheduling and executing any preventive or predictive maintenance.

Since 2009, Solytic has been monitoring the central European market as well as international companies that move the solar market. The market is permanently changing due to M&A activities, insolvencies or market entries of new financially strong players, and this remains true in the O&M segment. As more innovative players enter the market, there is a constant flow of technological improvement, as well as market expansion.

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About Solytic
Founded 2017 in Berlin, cleantech-startup Solytic offers software to monitor and improve the performance of solar PV systems. Based on digital twin technology and advanced analytics, users receive data-driven insights and matches of their real-time needs with service offers. By automating services such as cleaning, maintenance, insurance or storage, the AI-powered software increases revenues and cuts costs for decentralized solar PV systems, which is key for ensuring a faster and more profitable transition towards a sustainable future.