The Solis Team Showcased New Products and Pride in Working at Solis


February 17, Long Beach, CA – Attention was focused on Solis at Intersolar North America as they are one of the most experienced and largest inverter manufacturers in the world. Their booth was consistently busy with conference attendees wanting to speak with the Solis team about the new S6 residential hybrid inverter as well as displayed C&I and utility-scale inverters. The Solis team, including engineering, service, sales, and marketing managers, were excited to answer questions about the new S6 product and versatile inverter solutions for C&I and utility applications as well as their exceptional after-sales service offering.

The new S6 hybrid PV and energy storage inverter offers ultimate flexibility in solar + storage system design with the ability to scale storage capacity and power to keep homes powered during grid outages. The S6 has also been tested and verified for compatibility with a wide range of battery modules. The 6th generation product is a significant addition to the energy storage market, allowing for self-consumption, time-of-use optimization, and whole-home backup power. This high-performing, high-efficiency solution is IEEE 1547-2018 and UL 1741 SA & SB certified, providing both reliable and economical zero-carbon power. The S6 is supported by the Solis Cloud mobile app which provides real-time monitoring for both solar installers and homeowners, making the S6 hybrid inverter a leading choice for security and resiliency.

In addition to the company’s dedication to leading innovation in the solar industry, the Solis team is what makes the company truly stand out. The energy surrounding the Solis booth at Intersolar drew a great deal of attention; attendees were very excited to speak with the diverse and charismatic team members about their innovative solutions and top-tier sales, training, and service support programs. The Solis team is truly proud of working at a company that both prioritizes innovation and developing new technology and also highly values employee well-being and building a supportive and respectful team. They strive to exceed customer expectations at every level with friendly and responsive support in their mission to work together toward a zero-carbon lifestyle for our local communities.

About Solis Inverters:

Established in 2005, Ginlong Technologies (Stock Code: 300763. SZ), under the brand name Solis, is one of the most experienced and largest manufacturers of PV string inverters. The company’s portfolio uses innovative string inverter technology to deliver first-class reliability that has been validated under the most stringent international certifications. Armed with a global supply chain, world-class R&D, and manufacturing capabilities, Solis optimizes its inverters for each regional market, servicing and supporting its customers with its team of local experts, visit