The German Solar Landscape 2021


An “iceberg” that is definitely not melting is Germany’s total sum of 1.7 million solar PV systems, with around 1% in utility, 23% in commercial & industrial, and 76% in the residential segment. The landscape includes players from all three segments going across the value chain, beginning with hardware & EPC and other businesses throughout the entire lifecycle. While most of the players offer multiple services, they have been assigned to a single core vertical to keep it lean. On top of that, the visual captures both domestic and international companies impacting the German market. M&A activities, bankruptcies, or market entries of new players with a strong financial background have caused quite a few changes within the past couple of years. Solytic has been following and engaging in the fast-moving solar market since 2009. That is why they decided to share their insights and knowledge by creating the German Solar Landscape 2021.

Solytic also plans to publish further landscapes for other markets soon and update them on a yearly basis.

See the graphic on the Solytic blog.