TE Connectivity offers energy customers enhanced tools to prevent animal-related fires


TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectors and sensors, offers the power sector an extended suite of Wildlife and Asset Protection solutions to further reduce the risks of fires caused by wildlife coming into contact with power transmission systems, thanks to its innovative V0+ materials science formulation.

“Even when a devastating wildfire is avoided, a single squirrel can cause a massive power outage leaving tens of thousands of customers without power for hours and cost a utility company hundreds of thousands of dollars. This means that safeguarding overhead lines and substations by installing insulating covers and barriers seems like a sensible and necessary strategic investment,” says Wildlife and Asset Protection Senior Product Manager Luis Puigcerver. “We work side by side with utility owners to help them develop a strategic plan to replace, retrofit or upgrade their most at-risk assets and boost insulation through the power grid, based on robust and structured risk assessment.”

To successfully mitigate active threats of fire and reduce the risk of unplanned outages and fires starting in the first place, grid operators need to make evidence-based decisions on insulation and isolation solutions. TE has a proven track record of over 30 years of innovation in this field, underscored by its broad expertise in electrical and mechanical component design, as well as materials science.

V0+ builds on the high-performing capabilities of TE’s robust Raychem materials, which provide excellent tracking and erosion resistance testing (TERT) performance and proven longevity. TE’s advanced V0+ material is optimized to deliver 5,000 hours of UV and thermal endurance performance, high TERT performance (>180min STEP method with abrasion), and also V0 compliance according to UL94, bringing something new to the energy industry.

Now, instead of being forced to choose between high TERT performance and V0, customers benefit from both in one unique material.

“TE Connectivity’s Raychem Wildlife and Asset Protection portfolio is designed and optimized to achieve over 40 years in service, taking into account UV aging, thermal endurance, heat resistance while ensuring optimal tracking resistance,” says Brian McGowan, global Wildlife and Asset Protection manager at TE. “For utility owners and operators, this gives them lasting confidence that our solutions will outperform the assets they are protecting.”

 TE’s white paper, “Grid Hardening, Increasing Reliability and Reducing Wildlife Related Fire Risk” explores common ignition risks associated with power distribution systems and outlines what can be done to prevent ignition and minimize (or even avert) flame propagation, which are both costly and have a devasting environmental impact. For example, a blaze started by an electrocuted crow at a California solar farm swept through over 1,000 acres, slashing its generating capacity by 84%, which resulted in a loss of nearly $9 million in revenue. TE’s innovative and expanded product range is designed to help prevent incidents like this.

 Download the white paper and learn more or contact TE to speak to an expert.


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