Tapp Network Launches Tapp Green to Digitally Transform the $83 Billion Green Tech Industry with Advanced Marketing and Technology Solutions


Wilmington, DE – April 23, 2024 – Amidst the explosive growth of the green technology sector, fueled by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), Tapp Network, a purpose-driven digital agency, is excited to announce the launch of Tapp Green.

This innovative initiative is designed to transform the marketing landscape for businesses, environmental agencies, and nonprofits, tapping into a market projected to reach $83 billion by 2032 by providing AI-enhanced marketing and technology solutions that drive revenue growth while rapidly addressing environmental literacy, deepening market penetration, and advancing environmental goals.

Market Leadership

Tapp Green supports a diverse range of green energy sectors, including governmental agencies, community solar, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, circular economy initiatives, decarbonization, and a host of renewable energy manufacturers, distributors, and service providers. Notable clients benefiting from Tapp Green’s services include Solomon Community Solar, Accelerating Circularity,  Building Decarb, Denso, and over 30 public and private organizations with a combined market cap of over $5 billion.

“Tapp’s guidance and tailored marketing technology solutions have been instrumental in enhancing our visibility and impact within the renewable energy sector, and the clients we serve,” said Amy Harris, COO and CMO at Solomon Community Solar.

Advancing Federal Incentives

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) have unlocked unprecedented opportunities for companies in the green technology sector and over $16 billion in funding. Tapp Green is committed to helping clients navigate and capitalize on these transformative programs.

“These incentives support the growth of green tech companies, job creation, energy independence, and the fight against climate change,” said Joseph DiGiovanni, Co-Founder of Tapp Network. “At Tapp Green, our expertise ensures that clients can make the most of these opportunities, achieving their growth objectives while contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable future.”

Digital Transformation

Tapp Green offers a comprehensive suite of digital transformation services that include branding, website and software development, revenue operations, omni-channel, communications social media, hyper-local advertising, custom AI software, full-scale communications, and marketing automation, such as HubSpot, equipping clients with the behavioral science and cutting-edge tools critical to capturing market share and scale in the new energy landscape.

About Tapp Network  

Founded in Wilmington, Delaware in 2012 and recognized as an INC 5000 fastest-growing company, Tapp Network’s launch of Tapp Green is a testament to its leadership in delivering purpose-driven marketing and technology solutions. This new initiative leverages Tapp Network’s deep knowledge of brand strategy, software development, and performance marketing, positioning Tapp Green to drive significant change in the renewable energy industry. Tapp’s long-standing government contracts and strategic alliances with organizations like TechSoup Global and US Congress Authorized Baldrige Communities of Excellence further elevate its ability to deliver impact worldwide.

For green energy businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies eager to rapidly scale their growth and impact, Tapp’s complimentary Green Tech Marketing Playbook offers the latest marketing strategies and innovative solutions specifically for green tech game-changers and chief executives.

For more details and to download the Playbook, visit www.TappGreen.com