SolteQ were chosen as the winner of the “German Sustainability Award” from over 880 european companies on December 3rd, 2020


“We are very proud to receive this fantastic award and thank everyone for recognizing our work and our visions. However, it is not mainly about “our” work, but rather that we can stop climate change together. It works – we just have to want to. With our solar roofs, we want to make the great technology of photovoltaics fit for the future. As a direct roof covering, no longer as an additional and ugly surface on the roof, but directly as a chic and aesthetic roof covering, as roof tiles. A product that roofers and architects like and that they can prove just as they did with their Frankfurt pans. We want to revolutionize the construction sector and bring a great form of completely clean energy generation, namely “CO2 = ZERO”, to the fore. We CAN stop climate change – let’s do it! ”Says Berkay Bayer, head of the SolteQ Group.