Solar energy short films show benefits for upstate New York towns


Mount Morris, N.Y. May 4, 2022 – United Solar Energy Supporters, Inc., (USES) is releasing three 60 second films about the benefits that communities receive from hosting solar projects.  Each film has a unique theme and focus: one tells a story about small steps a town can take in profiting from solar installation; another demonstrates in numerical quantities what funds and impacts towns can expect; and the final film presents solar in a stream of historic and modern technological advances, highlighting how change can at first be intimidating but often leads to amazing progress.

“USES formed to educate the public about solar energy and the many ways the public can benefit from this timely technology,” said Eva Hoskin, Executive Director of USES.  “The most effective way to grab people’s attention is to use short films with real examples and highlighting people taking the lead,” added Hoskin.  These films are a nod to Mount Morris, a rural town in Western New York whose town leadership embraced medium- and large-scale solar projects, reaping significant economic and societal benefits for their community.

The series was produced by Sanan Media, who previously created another short solar-related film, Question Power, with USES board member and international expert in the field of solar energy applications, Dr. Richard Perez, from University of Albany.

With the plan to distribute throughout New York and nationally, USES wants these videos to showcase a real-time solution to the many climate change issues impacting the planet.  “Solar energy has the ability to fuel earth 12 times…,” said Dr. Perez. “Ecosystems will benefit greatly by installing pollution-free solar as quickly as possible.”

The project was a collaborative effort between USES and EDF Renewables, an international solar developer.

“We look forward to providing benefits for host communities including procurement and employment opportunities throughout the development, construction, and operational phases of solar projects” said Kevin Campbell, Director, Development for EDF Renewables. Morris Ridge Solar alone will bring more than 200 jobs during peak construction and contribute millions of dollars to the County, Town, and School Districts during the operational life of the project.”

“As temperatures rise, there is nothing more important for humankind and future generations than to act now to reduce the impacts of climate change,” said Hoskin.  “USES’s goal is to work as a collective community, follow the leads of the experts and the people that are doing what needs to be done, such as the community of Mount Morris, New York.”

USES also partnered separately with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) on one of the films in the series.  NYSERDA, offers objective information and analysis, innovative programs, technical expertise, and funding to help New Yorkers increase energy efficiency, save money, use renewable energy, and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

About USES: United Solar Energy Supporters is a grassroots community of advocates including families, landowners, farmers, students, local businesses, skilled trades, and environmentalists who want to support, grow and educate on the value of harvesting sunshine to produce emissions-free electricity. To learn more please go to:

About Sanan Media: Sanan Media is a film & interactive multimedia production company based in New York City. We create innovative media to get to the hearts & minds of visitors at museums, aquariums, planetariums and landmark architectural spaces. We aspire to make our creations beautiful, fun and deceptively simple, utilizing novel approaches and almost always pushing the technology in new directions. We produce dramatic, documentary and animated films, multiscreen Pepper’s ghost installations, individual immersive experiences and group interactive theaters.