Solar Edge Pros is Now Only Installing Enphase IQ-8 Microinverters


Solar Edge Pros, a San Antonio, Texas based solar installation company, announced March 30th, 2022 it will no longer be installing Enphase IQ-7 or IQ-7 plus microinverters. The company has partnered with Enphase exclusively since 2020 after customers increasingly requested the microinverter over the SolarEdge inverter system.

The change to solar panel systems comes at no surprise with advancement in microinverter technology. More homeowners are seeing the benefits of the IQ-8’s capability in converting DC power without the help of an electric grid. The announcement comes shortly after Enphase decided to phase out their IQ 7 series.

When asked how it will impact future installations, the company’s lead installer, Armando Alvarez, said, “It will not affect [future] installs, they will work just like the 7 series micros. The only time it will change anything on a install is when it has a smart switch with no battery.

Solar Edge Pros has done over 5,000 installations in the San Antonio area. Since 2014, they have provided homeowners a completely in-house operations for solar backup power services. It is a family-owned and operated company.