Sky Management adds 600 kW rooftop solar installation at checkpoint systems


Sky Management Services, LLC (Sky Management) and Sky Power, LLC announced the launch of a 600 Kilowatt rooftop solar installation at Checkpoint Systems Corporate Headquarters, located at 101 Wolf Drive in Thorofare, NJ (A division of CCL Industries Label) (TSX: CCL.A). This project is an important contribution to both Sky Management’s renewable energy portfolio and Checkpoint Systems sustainability initiative.   

Sky Management purchased the 104,000 square foot building in March 2016. “Checkpoint has made a commitment to continue the global headquarters in Thorofare, NJ. The year long renovation will transform the facility by implementing state of the art technology and an R&D center for the company and markets they serve. The solar project is an important addition to our space and a demonstration of Checkpoint’s commitment to a positive environmental impact,’’ said Doug Ulbrich, Vice President of Facilities Engineering Worldwide at Checkpoint.

Alex Dembitzer, Sky’s Founder and CEO, stated that the addition of solar to the site marks an important milestone for Sky and Checkpoint collectively. In conjunction with a renovation and potential expansion project, there is a serious commitment to the location by both parties. “We are proud to develop a long-term partnership with Checkpoint and to share the vision of sustainable growth,” said Dembitzer. In addition to this site, Sky has seven Northeast solar projects currently in development. Erich Schwer, Head of Renewables at Sky added, “This project continues our momentum on our renewable energy initiative and is a great addition to our rapidly growing portfolio.” Sky is actively looking to acquire solar projects and continue expansion.    
The installation is comprised of 1,884 high efficiency solar panels that will offset the majority of Checkpoint’s energy consumption. This directly contributes to Sky’s sustainability initiative, following the operation of a 1.5-megawatt rooftop solar project at WWRD US, LLC part of the Fiskars Group of Companies at 1330 Campus Parkway in Wall Township, NJ. This project came online in January 2017 and provides nearly all of the electrical needs of the facility.   

About Sky Management Services, LLC & Sky Power LLC
Sky Management Services, with offices in Philadelphia and in New York City, is a privately funded and managed real estate company which owns and operates a large, diversified portfolio of properties in the United States. As a principal for its own account, Sky is actively acquiring in New England and throughout the east coast. Sky Power is a direct affiliate of Sky Management. Sky Power is a renewable energy company focused on investing and developing solar, wind, and other clean energy technologies. Sky Power is committed to acquire, invest, develop and operate new ready to build solar projects. Sky Power believes that these challenging times demand us to transform our perspectives on the use of global energy and accelerate the development of alternatives based on the use of clean, renewable energy. To learn more and speak to the acquisitions team or to submit a solar project or renewable energy opportunity, please contact Erich Schwer at 212-888-6920, ext. 104 or visit or