Paradise Energy Solutions brings solar to community services for autistic adults & children (CSAAC)


Brookeville, MD, March 14, 2019 – Community Services for Autistic Adults & Children (CSAAC), a Maryland non-profit organization, recently activated their new 41.195 kW solar system at the Community School of Maryland. The system represents Phase 1 of CSAAC’s larger plan, which will increase the organization’s renewable energy portfolio. This includes Phase 2, which will cover CSAAC’s headquarters and a number of residential group homes operated by CSAAC.


Installed by Hagerstown-based Paradise Energy Solutions, the 107-panel project is comprised of a roof-mounted system and two electric vehicle charging stations. The new arrays are estimated to generate 45,069 kWh of clean, sustainable electricity in just the first year. This translates to an annual savings of over $5,000, and a total savings of $200,000 over the system’s expected lifespan.


CSAAC was attracted to solar energy for its ability to decrease overhead costs. “I need to think outside the box and come up with sustainable solutions to ensure CSAAC is ahead of the curve with technology and in a position to lessen the dollars spent for its operation while maintaining sustainability,” shares Craig Pardini, CSAAC’s Director of Infrastructure Operations. “I always had the idea of moving CSAAC to solar once it started to become more affordable.”


In less than 12 years, Phase 1 will have contributed enough electricity savings to pay for itself, leaving years’ worth of saved energy expenses.


Craig Pardini and CSAAC have big plans for these savings. CSAAC can invest the savings to advance their services in areas such as residential, vocational, intensive early intervention, and educational services for children and adults with autism. It will allow CSAAC to offset dollars spent on energy to go towards other areas of the organization and support their mission of “enhancing the lives of individuals with autism.”


Additionally, the non-profit organization praises the system for its positive environmental impact. “I also like to have good stewardship for the environment and to ensure CSAAC does its part to thrive.” In the first year, the solar system will have offset 35 tons of carbon dioxide, 816 trees, and 74 barrels of oil.


About CSAAC CSAAC is a nationally recognized pioneer in providing services to individuals with autism.  Autism is a serious developmental disorder that can affect social relationships, communication, judgement, reasoning, and behavior. Individuals with autism often need lifetime supports.


CSAAC is a private, non-profit organization founded in 1979 to provide those supports. CSAAC provides person-centered, community-based services; specialized to meet the support needs of children and adults with autism. Services are designed and implemented through the combined efforts of a highly specialized team of professionals, managers, and direct support personnel. CSAAC maintains a broad array of community partners to promote enriched lifestyles for the individuals that we serve educationally, vocationally and residentially.


Mission Statement:
To enable individuals with autism to achieve their highest potential and contribute as confident members of their community.


About Paradise Energy Solutions –  Paradise Energy Solutions is a family-owned, full-service solar installation company that provides turn-key, grid-tied solar installations throughout the mid-Atlantic region for businesses, farmers and homeowners. Their vision is to help people be good stewards of God’s abundant resources.


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