KSTAR Premieres at RE+ 2023 with the Latest Smart Energy Innovations


KSTAR is delighted to announce its successful participation in RE+ 2023 from September 12-14, 2023, at the Venetian Convention and Expo Center in Las Vegas, NV. Well prepared to demonstrate a full range of amazing PV inverters and energy storage systems with CATL batteries at the exhibition booth, the team makes close connections with the attendees for a great time.

As a new exhibitor, KSTAR introduced its remarkable energy solutions to the local market, instantly capturing attention with impressive offerings. Supported by its profound experience in power electronics and renewable energy, the team presented its smart PV solutions and energy storage solutions specifically designed for residential and commercial & industrial scenarios.

KSTAR E10KT-NA and BluE-Pack5.1 are smart home energy storage solutions designed for homeowners, with the goal of achieving a 24-hour green power system. These solutions are powered by CATL LFP battery cells and backed by KSTAR’s 10-year performance warranty. Moreover, the all-in-one design and plug-and-play feature ensure user-friendly operation and highly efficient energy generation at home.

The energy management system was another highlight. The smart home app allows remote access to the system. Users are able to monitor energy production and consumption in real time and set their own preferences to optimize the usage, with no time and space constraints. These solutions make it effortless to adopt a simple and carbon-neutral lifestyle, and they garnered significant attention and praise during the event.

In addition to the residential energy storage systems, the team has also received positive feedback on residential and C&I PV solutions, such as BluE-G 5000D, G120KT, and KSG-40KT, due to their high efficiency, reliability, and user-friendly convenience.

The live communications and demonstrations provided participants with the opportunity to experience KSTAR’s latest products, meeting their precise requirements and creating an impressive atmosphere during the exhibition. As solar energy solutions continue to evolve, KSTAR remains committed to pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities across a wide range of scenarios.

The KSTAR team is planning to participate in more upcoming exhibitions worldwide. We look forward to engaging with a broader audience to discover outstanding clean energy solutions together and share valuable information about any KSTAR product, solution, or project.

About Us:

Founded in 1993, KSTAR is a leading brand in power electronics and new energy fields, including data center critical infrastructure (UPS, battery, and precision air conditioners), modular data center solutions, PV solutions, and energy storage solutions. So far, KSTAR has provided superior energy solutions for customers worldwide, covering diverse industries in over 90 countries and regions. With a global vision and layout, the company hopes to create value for customers, employees, partners, and society. For more info, please visit https://www.kstar.com/ or contact us through sales