K2 Systems launches a quick bill of materials and price tool


K2 Quote is a tool that you can use to get a bill of materials (BOM) and pricing for your K2
Systems’ projects.

The tool is available for all US installers and distributors. Pricing is based
off K2’s most current price list. All components will be shown at the list price unless a
discount percentage is applied.

The current version is available to design CrossRail dual railsystems only, but more system offerings will be added throughout the year. When you go to the K2 Systems US website, you will see a button for  e tool. You do not need an account to use the tool, but if you are wanting to save your projects, then you will be prompted to create an account. The tool allows you to do a simple, non-engineered design with one or multiple roof arrays. Simply select your module manufacturer and model, attachment spacing, rail type, rail length, rail color and end clamp, then click and drag your roof arrays.

Once you are satisfied with your roof arrays, click “Get Estimate” and this will show you
your pricing breakdown. The system automatically uses a “generic attachment” in case
users prefer to install another manufacturer’s roof attachments; therefore, pricing here is
only an estimation. If you choose to override this with a K2 specific attachment, then your
pricing will be changed to an accurate number. When your BOM is complete you can
download it as an excel or csv file to submit to your distributor for an order.
K2 Systems is proud to launch this tool and hope that it helps installers and distributors
improve their business process.

Click here to try K2 Quote. 
Keep in mind, that for an engineered design, K2 Base is still available to use.