Incumbent Directors Re-elected to KIUC Board


Incumbent directors Dee Crowell and Allan Smith have been re-elected and join newly-elected former board member Jim Mayfield to the Kaua‘i Island Utility Cooperative’s (KIUC) Board of Directors. These three directors will each serve for a 3-year term ending March 2020.

Merriman River Group submitted the official results for the 2017 Board of Directors Election. The results are as follows:

  1. Allan A. Smith                          3,021
  2. Jim Mayfield                       2,395
  3. Dee M. Crowell                       2,392
  4. KipuKai Kualiʻi                        2,212
  5. Hermina “Mina” Morita         2,131
  6. Juno Ann Apalla                      2,124
  7. Norma Doctor Sparks             2,011

KIUC mailed 25,703 ballots and received 6,088, for a turnout of 23.7 percent, more than last year’s 21 percent turnout.

“Our members from a strong field of seven picked three directors who have long histories with the cooperative,” said Board Chairman Jan TenBruggencate. “I anticipate they will hit the ground running and help us continue KIUC’s remarkable progress.”

Merriman River Group, a California-based election management firm conducted the election.

The newly-elected board members will be inaugurated on March 28 at 11 a.m. in the KIUC Main Conference Room. The board will hold its regularly scheduled meeting at 1 p.m.