Energy yield comparison: TOPCon vs. HJT vs. IBC


A third-party experimental study on the energy yield performance of the TOPCon bifacial compared to HJT and IBC bifacial PV modules was conducted in the northernmost of China, Daqing, Heilongjiang. The outdoor performance of these three N-type biracial technologies was revealed and systematically compared based on the modules installed in the experimental verification project built by SPIC in Daqing, China.

The experimental results have proven that the energy yield performance of TOPCon bifacial modules is the highest among the three technologies thanks to a higher bifacial rate and lower working temperature compared to HJT and IBC modules.

The project carries out pioneering solar PV outdoor verification research on n-TOPCon, n-HJT, and n-IBC bifacial modules in an environment of high latitude combined with extremely low temperatures. It aims at comparing the mainstream n-type PV technology and products under the same condition to provide detailed data references for PV technology R&D, design, manufacturing, construction, investment benefit analysis, etc., thus promoting the technological progress of the solar energy industry.

It realizes that the N-TOPCon bifacial module has the highest energy yield performance among HJT and IBC bifacial modules, which is 1.13% higher compare to IBC modules and 3.36% higher than HJT, the majority of the contribution from its high bifacial factor and low-temperature.