Brooklyn SolarWorks Launches “Electrify Brooklyn” to Help NYC Homeowners Take Action to Fight Climate Change


BROOKLYN, NEW YORK – MARCH 29, 2022 – Brooklyn SolarWorks, a leading residential solar system design and installation provider, today announced the launch of Electrify Brooklyn, a new education resource designed to help New York City (NYC) homeowners put their family’s comfort, safety, and sustainability first with clean, cost-effective cooling, heating, and energy solutions. Brooklyn SolarWorks partnered with BlocPower, an electric heating and cooling company that serves NYC, to create the website’s content. 

Electrify Brooklyn is a program we developed with BlocPower to help our neighbors take advantage of the clean technologies of the future. There are many incentives available for those who want to go electric in Brooklyn. We see many of our customers wanting to “electrify” and we hope Electrify Brooklyn will help move others forward towards their goal,” said T.R. Ludwig, CEO and Founder, Brooklyn SolarWorks. “We’re proud to partner with BlocPower on the HVAC and efficiency side of things. Working with local partners is an important part of this program both for local knowledge and delivering more clean energy jobs in NYC.”

Electrify Brooklyn provides NYC homeowners with a wealth of information to help them replace fossil fuel sources of energy with clean electric alternatives from appliance upgrades throughout the home to solar energy panels on the rooftop. Site visitors will be able to gauge the impact of converting their homes and review a comprehensive list of the multiple financial incentives in the form of tax credits and other government-sponsored programs currently available in NYC.

In addition to launching Electrify Brooklyn, Brooklyn SolarWorks is making strides to provide rooftop battery storage in NYC. To get in touch and be placed on the waiting list, please email To fast track your solar journey, please visit To explore electric heating and cooling, please visit

About Brooklyn SolarWorks

Founded in 2015 Brooklyn SolarWorks is the borough’s leading residential solar system design and installation provider with 1,300+ systems completed. Our continued success owes to our skilled and energetic team; a locally tailored approach to design and construction; an unparalleled mastery of city codes and regulations; and our hyper-local focus on the unique needs and expectations of the New York homeowner and sophisticated real estate markets. For more information, please visit