Arctech completes delivery for US Gar Creek project amid shipping tumbling


Arctech, the world’s leading tracking, racking, and BIPV solutions provider, announced it has finished the delivery of the 4.83MW 1P SkyLine tracker for the Gar Creek project in Illinois state, USA, amid the challenge of container bottleneck, shipping rate tumbling, and the surge in raw material price.

2021 was a year of “feeling the heat” from increasing costs for the solar industry. The consistent year-over-year and quarter-over-quarter price increases starting in Q2 2021 and continued throughout the year based on Wood Mackenzie’s tracking, Year-over-year price increase for utility-scale solar reached 18% for fixed-tilt projects and 14.2% for single-axis tracking projects in Q4.

Despite numerous challenges throughout 2021, the US solar industry had another record-setting year in 2021, with 23.6 gigawatts-direct current (GWdc) of capacity installed, a 19% increase over 2020. 46% of all new power-generating capacity added in the US in 2021 is from solar. This represents the third year in a row that solar has made up the largest share of new generating capacity in the country with a startling 3.9% of all electricity generation.

Responding to the challenge of container bottleneck, shipping rate tumbling and the surge in raw material price, Arctech has been strategizing and diversifying the global supply chain to ensure on-time delivery.

“I think what Arctech plans to do is to have our own factories, not only in China but expand

our presence and manufacturing capabilities globally. So last year, we have the JV factory in India to not only supply local projects, but also to supply globally to different projects overseas. In the meantime, we’re actually seeking the possibility to join hands with a local developer here in the US to set up a local manufacturing base, you know, boosted by the acts of the US to incentivize the local manufacturing. Besides, we’re expanding our capability of sourcing OEM capabilities and capacities globally like in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Latin America, Brazil, Argentina, etc. Those actions on diversifying and localizing supply chain can enable Arctech to find the best alternative. Under the current circumstance, and make sure the cost will make sense to our clients.” Remarked Jesse Lau, VP of Global Business & Services at Arctech in BloombergNEF New York Summit.