Affordable Wire Management Announces Significant Improvements in Capacity and Performance of its Arden Messenger Cable Hangers


Tempe, AZ and Bedminster, NJ — October 2, 2023  Affordable Wire Management (AWM) today announced significant performance improvements to its next-generation Arden Messenger Cable Hangers for utility-scale solar projects. Designed to further accelerate the adoption of solar energy, the Arden Cable Hangers leverage state-of-the art cable geometry to provide significant ampacity benefits, and are now rated for 20 pounds on each branch. The improved weight capacity is among a number of advancements that allow EPCs and developers to cut costs during construction, while the solution’s unique approach to cable geometry vastly increases the total power that can safely be transmitted through the cables.
Each hanger, along with all other components of the AWM system, is made of durable alloys and is free of polymeric material. The products can withstand all weather conditions: temperatures from -40°C to +150°C, extreme ice and snow loads, and worst-case corrosive environments. Utility-scale solar projects are expected to last 40+ years according to financial models; AWM is the only provider on the market today offering cable hangers with a 40+ year life span.
“Eight out of the 10 leading EPCs choose AWM as their cable management provider of choice. Not only is cable management critically important to long-term performance, it is also an industry sector that is very much in need of innovation,” said Scott Rand, co-founder and CEO of AWM. “We regularly hear from our client partners that our solutions allow them to reduce cable size, improve the Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE), and ensure the longevity and safety of their utility-scale solar power plants in all types of environments.”
Improved Cable Geometry Offers Benefits
For decades, the solar industry has relied on general tables from code books to determine how much power a cable can safely conduct. AWM’s innovative approach delves deeper into the arrangement of wires, focusing on optimizing the total ampacity of the cables.
This focus on improving ampacity has resulted in AWM’s unique, innovative design that not only improves performance, but also extends the life of the cables. With advanced calculations, backed by the power of Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) analysis, the new cable geometry promises significant advancements in cable management, improving both efficiency and lifespan of the cables.
Bonsai Module Cable Hangers
The Bonsai Module Cable Hanger is another AWM innovation for solar string cabling. It boasts a 40+ year lifespan thanks to its engineered, all-metal design that uses corrosion-resistant materials. With a simple, one-handed installation process, Bonsai Cable Hangers do not require any tools to install. Bonsai is highly customizable and able to meet various project requirements.
About Affordable Wire Management
Affordable Wire Management (AWM) delivers innovative, precision-engineered cable management solutions to the nation’s top-ranked EPCs. AWM’s premier Arden Messenger Cable Hangers, Bonsai Module Cable Hangers and Solar LOTO solutions are designed to excel in both economics and longevity, achieve optimal ROI and further accelerate the widespread adoption of solar energy. AWM has partnered with leading BOS and PV module suppliers, along with other commercial partners, and to date has delivered over 8GW of their domestically produced, all-metal solutions. In addition to Arden, Bonsai and Solar LOTO, AWM offers customization options backed by a professional support team known for their deep expertise in utility-scale solar cable management. For more information, please visit the AWM website or reach out to AWM via email at