Clean Energy Holdings purchases 380MW of Philadelphia Solar Phenex modules for green hydrogen project


Clean Energy Holdings (CEH) announced an order to purchase 380 MW (dc) of Philadelphia Solar modules. The panels are Philadelphia Solar’s high efficiency Made in America 540W Phenex half-cell 10BB solar photovoltaic bifacial modules.

The modules will be produced from Philadelphia Solar’s upcoming 1.2 GW facility, which is to be featured at Select USA’s Investment Summit, taking place May 1-4 in National Harbor, Md.

The modules will be installed at Clean Energy Holding’s Clear Fork project, a green hydrogen production facility projected to generate 33 metric tons per day of liquified hydrogen using power from the 250 MW (ac) on-site solar farm.

Clean Energy Holding’s solar farm will be situated on 1,000 acres of desert land close to Sylvester, Texas, with the potential to expand to total generating capacity of 1 GW over time.

The company says the green hydrogen project is one of the largest solar plus electrolyzer projects in the U.S. to date and represents a major milestone in the adoption of green hydrogen as a key component in the energy transition.

 “We at Philadelphia Solar are delighted to be providing our high efficiency Made in America panels to Clean Energy Holdings for this landmark project, which demonstrates America’s resurgence as a global clean energy leader and a manufacturing powerhouse,” said Mohammad Shehadeh, chief operating officer, Philadelphia Solar. “The incentives provided in the Inflation Reduction Act are already accelerating the transition to a sustainable energy mix as well as creating well paid permanent jobs for skilled US workers as panel manufacturing is re-shored to the US.” 

 “Coupled with previously signed CEH OEM’s, Philadelphia Solar delivers everything related to solar, providing the energy, to convert hydrogen gas to liquid hydrogen and fuel mobility and space,” said Nicholas Bair, chief executive officer of Clean Energy Holdings said.  All CEH OEM platform alliance companies have the capability to manufacture key aspects of our projects in the USA, and when we choose to go outside of North America, they also have global manufacturing and supply.  We reiterate one of the core values of our company is to ensure that our long-term turnkey projects support the communities we operate in as well as being secure, available, and repeatable for generations, led by the United States, first.  

 “Clean Energy Holdings and our alliance partners are continuing to lead green hydrogen development in the U.S., and we are proud to be returning high paying reliable jobs, manufacturing to our shores, and delivering long term energy security for the U.S.,” said Cornelius Fitzgerald, co-founder and president, Clean Energy Holdings.


Established in 2007, Philadelphia Solar is a Tier-1 solar panel manufacturer and the largest manufacturer of solar panels and steel mounting structures in the Middle East, Europe and Africa (MENA), with a current production capacity of 600 MW/year, rising to almost 2GW in 2023 as a new manufacturing facility comes online in the USA. Philadelphia Solar was the first MENA-region company to manufacture, develop, design, construct, own and operate utility-scale commercial and industrial photovoltaic plants. With Free Trade Agreements between Jordan, the EU, the U.S., Canada, Morocco, and throughout the MENA region, Philadelphia Solar exports PV modules to over 50 countries through more than 220 distributors worldwide.    

Clean Energy Holdings (CEH) is a renewable energy and technology platform focused on developing, owning, and operating leading edge, innovative and reliable renewable energy and low carbon facilities. CEH is a technology centric platform and, with our Alliance Partners, provides turnkey solutions for innovative projects like Clear Fork Green Hydrogen, the second Green Hydrogen project brought forward by CEH. Further, the CEH projects have been carefully selected to lead various State and Regional initiatives aimed to bring cost effective Green Hydrogen fuel to transportation corridors as well as industrial clients.