pv magazine USA consists of an advertising team and a team of editors bringing you up-to-date content about the solar photovoltaics market in the USA.

Editorial contacts


Eric Wesoff

Senior editor

Email: eric.wesoff( at )

Veteran renewable energy journalist Eric Wesoff has taken the lead of U.S. editorial at pv magazine USA. Wesoff most recently served as editor-in-chief of Greentech Media, joining the startup as its first employee in 2008 and acting as its editorial lead in the company’s growth years through its acquisition by Wood Mackenzie.

He has been published or quoted in the New York Times, The Wall St. Journal, Forbes, and Wired. He has also consulted for energy startups and Silicon Valley’s premier venture capitalists.


Tim Sylvia

Associate editor

Email: tim.sylvia( at )

Tim Sylvia is an associate editor at pv magazine USA. A recent graduate of Hood College, Tim has been with pv magazine since May 2018. Tim covers project development, legal issues and renewable energy legislation, as well as contributing to the daily Morning Brief.


Editors for sister websites

Above are the editors involved in pv magazine USA. Check the other websites for editors involved in pv magazine International, pv magazine Australia, pv magazine Chinapv magazine France, pv magazine Germany, pv magazine India, pv magazine Latin America, pv magazine Mexico and pv magazine Spain.


Advertising contacts




Matt Gallinger

Senior manager, business development & sales

Email: matt( at )
Phone: +1 518 56 00 179


Andrea Jeremias

Chief sales officer

Email: jeremias( at )
Phone: +49 30 213 005 023
Mobile: +49 175 22 48 904


Marina Ramain

Head of marketing

Email: marina.ramain( at )
Phone: +49 30 213 005 029
Mobile: +49 152 020 67  924


Francesco Tedesco

Sales manager (Italy)

Email: fr.tedesco( at )
Mobile: +39 328 939 24 50

Julia Wolters

Senior sales manager

Email: julia.wolters( at )
Phone: +49 30 213 005 028
Mobile: +49 175 290 44 01


Rachel Sorenson

Sales manager (Spain & Latin America)

Email: rachel.sorenson( at )
Phone: +49 30 213 005 039
Mobile: +49 172 243 75 82

Frederike Egerer

Senior project manager events & special projects

Email: frederike.egerer( at )
Phone: +49 30 213 005 032
Mobile: +49 152 64 19 27



Calvin Chong

Sales manager (Asia)

Hong Kong office

Email: calvin( at )
Mobile/Wechat: +852 97 32 8266
Skype: calvinchong26


Noriko Ishii

Sales contact (Japan)

Email: japan( at )
Phone: +49 30 213 00 50 24

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